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WWE’s first announced entrant in their 2019 Hall of Fame class was D-Generation X. The six members of the iconic Attitude Era faction slated for induction are Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg. The key takeaway for many people was Chyna.

Joanie Laurer (her real name) was a performer many thought should have received the honor while she was still alive. But she was also someone whose sometimes not-PG post-WWE career gave the company reasons to not extend that honor - a rationale which covered for the possibility their main reason was likely Chyna’s antagonistic personal relationship Triple H & the McMahons, fueled by her struggles with mental health and addiction.

But once D-X hits the stage at the induction ceremony occurs next Saturday (April 6) in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Chyna will be a WWE Hall of Famer. Many are hoping this will just be the next step toward her being enshrined on her own.

In an interview with, Michaels reveals he’s one of those people:

“I mean not that I get a vote, but if I did I certainly would vote for her. That’s obviously up to people a lot more powerful than me to make those decisions, but yes, do I think she’s deserving of it? You bet, any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If this is a gateway to that, or opens the door to that, you certainly wouldn’t get any argument out of me, that’s for sure.

I would argue I don’t think there’s anybody that’s been quite like her since. For that time, and in the role we had her in, it was so just incredibly innovative. I can remember way back when Hunter and I were talking and thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to have this big, huge, awesome-looking bodyguard but have it be a woman. And she’s protecting the guy. And my goodness, that was a really tough sell back then, and it took a lot longer than we thought it would, but man when she did it it worked like a million bucks. Of all the people in this group, and D-Generation X as a whole is deserving, but I don’t think there’s anybody that would argue that Joanie is not the most deserving of [an induction].”
Will the support of a soon-to-be two-time member of the Hall make a difference? Probably not on its own. But the lack of any backlash, or even much of the way in reminders of what Laurer called her low points, will hopefully convince Vince McMahon to give Chyna her own spot in his club.

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