HBK Comments on his WWE Status

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. HBK Provides an Update on His WWE Status

    When asked by a fan on Twitter if he has any plans to appear at any upcoming WWE tours, Shawn Michaels Tweeted the following:

    Not that I’m aware of. DangerMouseNo7 on Twitter

    — Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) November 12, 2015

    I think this implies that there is a chance he may be back for something but it is't likely. Who knows. They sure do like cranking out the legends though.
  2. The older, the better. :kiss:
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  3. You know it, bro.
  4. This prob doesn't mean anything, but I can see Shawn having one last match and since WWE is trying to push its limits at this coming mania... Shawn would be a perfect addition to the card.
  5. If he has stayed healthy then why not? I mean Taker is still going for crying out loud. I would much rather see HBK then him.
  6. True but HBK doesn't wanna wrestle anymore. But, you give him enough $, it could happen.
  7. I would mind seeing him come back for a few months as a manager or something. He is hilarious on the mic. He likely would still be wrestling if he didn't screw up his body so bad.
  8. As much as I'd love to see him back, I doubt there's anything that would bring him out of retirement.
  9. Three way with Stephanie ?
  10. Well, I've no idea if anyone could turn that down. :rollins3:
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  11. Because Shawn has much more respect for the business than some people.. He retired, had a huge send off. There's no need for another match. We got 1 last match at WrestleMania 26.
  12. Wrestlemania 32 is in Texas and they want as many legends to appear there as possible, so I'd definitely expect an appearance from him there. Hopefully we never see him in an in-ring capacity ever again, though. He was one of my favorites and I easily consider him the best in-ring performer of all time, but he had the perfect sendoff and for once I'd love to see someone actually keep their word and stick to their retirement.
  13. ... ... ... ok? Is this suppose to get us really talking about something? Just that HBK has no plans? So?
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