HBK says: "I'm not done w/HHH yet." and will still continue to appear on RAW.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Source: Wrestlezone

    This was also posted on HBKs twitter:
  2. Damn. No offence HBK but I don't want you on RAW, it just means the story-line will go ahead. Unless HBK steals it and faces Undertaker or faces HHH. Just please leave UT out of this.
  3. I want to disagree with you... but I won't

    You're right. I respect HHH's ability in the ring, but when he picks up a mic.... he's sooo contrived

    Unlike most, I want to like HHH. I want to put him up there with the best... it just clear to me he's forcing it

    Even Ric Flair thinks HHH needs to get a grip on reality

    Fact is, HHH knows nothing about business. He can't run a company. Talent relations...yes. Global company... GTFO

  4. I dont see anything wrong with HHH tbh.
    Some people are just mad at him coz he buried some of the untalented pg wrestlers they like.
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  5. "some" lololol

    Watch the walkout story-line again.

  6. HHH believes he'll run WWE... he can't... he CAN'T

    Is HHH going to walk into a corporate meeting and be taken seriously? How can he be?

    What exec in their right mind will sponsor a HHH ran WWE?

    How will guys like Austin or Undertaker react? Again, HHH is good in talent relations, but not as the 'head' man

    HHH is Vince's puppet (which isn't terrible), but he has zero business savvy outside promoting himself

    WWE needs a real CEO. If it's not Linda, It's Shane or JBL (which is a bit laughable)

  7. WWE will be ran by HHH and Stephanie when Vince dies..
    How can he not be taken seriously? You don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Do you? No.

    Don't talk about things you have no clue about.

  8. Ouch, when did you become a heel?

    Yeah, it's pretty clear the kind of man Triple H is. If that escapes you, you're being oblivious to reality

    Do you know realize how hard it is to start a business? Most lose business the first year.

    I have every clue about it, b/c I run my business. Triple H is a personnel guy, at best, not a CEO

    If you can't see what every other objective eye can see, than you, sir have no clue
  9. I very much doubt it. I mean, what does this even mean: "Do you know realize how hard it is to start a business?"

    Also, HHH isn't starting a business. The business is already there?
    Jesus christ.
  10. So, you're telling me....

    HHH and Stephanie will take over WWE and keep all their sponsors and global networks

    They will develop partnerships with other companies to make up for the loss of the greatest promoter of the last century

    HHH will give financial updates to corporate executives about the state of finances from merchandise to live events

    HHH will develop ideas and products that will make the company money for the foreseeable future

    Don't get angry. Answer the questions. I've always defended HHH for his AE efforts...don't just say "Oh you're just stupid"

    If you have those answers, shut me down. If you don't, own it. Both Seabs and Dolph shut me down all the freaking time

  11. Quite a few big names have already criticized HHH's business capabilities. Most noticeably Dana White. I'm terrified for when HHH is in charge. He's basically a Vince McMahon with not 1lb of genius inside his body.

    It's equally as hard if not harder to run an already established business and progress it. Let's say Google gave me Google, you saying it wouldn't be hard to progress?

    Trust me, soon as :shovel: takes over, we're doomed. We know what he's like, that will transcend into his business self too. Stephanie is already a retard on creative so no hope for her.

    All we can hope for is a Shane return.
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  12. Crayo's back +1
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