HBK Speaks on Real Tension Between The Rock and John Cena

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  2. I never thought Rock and Cena would get personal, but I knew even at last years Wrestlemania that there was legitimate heat there.
  3. I never thought Jericho and CM Punk would get personal. Saw it coming for the rock and cena.
  4. It's not. Jericho & Punk are good friends.
  5. :shock:
  6. Jericho is also good friends with Miz too, so stfu haters.
  7. Jericho and Miz, my favorite heels in the business.
  8. I never liked HBK much and I would prefer he does not return to the ring. Also, on the wiki page for Raw under the list of special Raw shows it states that there is going to be a HBK Appreciation Night..so hopefully that means he is staying out for good.

    And to all of those who will say "How can you not like HBK!!?" :finger:
  9. Massive bump.
  10. It's still relevant lol, no harm with posting in an old thread if you can contribute to it.
  11. Makes sense.

    Why don't you like HBK Heather?
  12. First off..it should be stated that I dislike HBK the gimmick. And, unless otherwise stated I always mean the gimmick of a wrestler when I say such things. It ticks me off when people can't separate the person and the gimmick.

    That being said, I don't remember him before he had the gimmick of the Heartbreak kid but I do remember from an early age not liking his gimmick. At the time, I think I just disliked it because I did not get it (being so young).

    He was okay as part of DX.. but on that, I dislike that now when we say DX is reuniting (such as on the 1000) it is only him and HHH when there were several other members of DX ><

    And then he "retires" for the first time only this was like the third time he was said to be retiring..

    And then there is the fact that he is much to old to be referred to as a sexy "boy" now.

    And then there is the fact that he had anything to do with the nWo which, imo, is one of the worst thing that ever happened in wrestling history (when it was in WCW and I feel that it should have just died when nWo died but that really isn't a main reason I dislike HBK.. just ranting at this point.
  13. I see... you seem to simply dislike him. :dawg:

    But anyway, his gimmick I think is OK. Arrogant heel and all, cocky face when he turned I believe. A little bit generic, but not so much at the time I think. DX and NWO I don't think you can blame on him, because nowadays they simply ignore that DX used to be a bigger faction and therefore the kids mainly will only think of DX as HHH and HBK. NWO... he was booked to be there, so nothing much that can be done, although that idea was indeed overused.
  14. HBK is GOAT. Deal with it.
  15. I'm kind of torn on this opinion tbh, he was great no doubt about it but I just can't rank him up there with names like Austin, Taker and Flair. He could work at a slightly higher level than them sure, but he never really blew me away on the mic like those 3 did, using Taker's Big Evil work as the example for him btw.
  16. Let me guess you like Cena? :dawg:
  17. Come on now.. HBK was good on the mic, especially in the beginning stages of him being in DX. Funny and charismatic as hell.
  18. He was good, I'm a huge fan of him but he never astounded me like guys like Austin did, or even Flair. Guess its just another differing opinion lol.
  19. When it comes to in-ring skills, I'd say Michaels is the best overall wrestler I've ever watched. When it comes to the total package, Austin and Rock and Flair and others have him beat.
  20. :true: