WrestleMania HBK's involvement at Wrestlemania 29

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  1. With him being in HHH's corner, does anything change? I think he played his role perfectly last year as the referee, and I'm hoping he won't just stand there and chant "Go HHH go" for the whole match, but I'm not 100% sure what he can actually do.

    Anyway, does it raise Brock's chances of winning, nail HHH's win even further into the wall of burials, or does it change absolutely nothing?
  2. H wins, Heyman goes to interfere but is hit with a super kick for his trouble. Brock attacks Shawn and lays him out, Trips and Lesnar brawl before Brock lifts him for the f5 where he's SCM'd then pedigreed.
  3. This actually seems highly probable.
  4. BORING!!! Same old, same old. Who gives a shit! Isn't this story about HHH getting his revenge against Brock? WTH does Michaels have to come back at every WM? If it were Hart or Foley everyone would complain. Enough of HBK :gtfo:
  5. Well duh, Bret or Mick getting involved in Triple H's matches every year at Mania wouldn't make sense from any standpoint. Less snarky, Shawn will probably stop coming back for Mania when it stops making sense for him to do so. Makes perfect sense for him to do so here. Also, being in Trips corner is not the same thing as being the special guest ref, so it's not really same old, same old. By the way, I'm not disagreeing that this is boring (I think most of this feud is), but Shawn certainly has his place here.

    And to the question in the OP, yes it changes something. Shawn will now be in Triple H's corner. That's the only thing that changes. It doesn't change the fact that Triple H is winning, but it certainly reinforces it.
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  6. All I know is he better not break anyone's hip or arm.
  7. I obviously didn't mean Hart or Foley being involved in this specific match, but being involved in WM in any capacity. I'm not the biggest HHH mark, but it makes him look weak ALWAYS having Michaels to support him in some way. Just let the guy do it on his own.
  8. Yeah, I was being snarky with my opening line last post thus why I started the next sentence with, "Less snarky". Can't say I agree that it makes him look weak, definitely not last year. Especially since his role in the End Of An Era wasn't really to support him. Only one spot had him do that (and Undertaker attacking him prior to said spot had a big thing to do with that), the rest of the match he didn't. This year it doesn't really feel like that to me, partially because Trips is against Brock freakin' Lesnar. I also don't see Shawn doing that much besides what Seabs said. I just don't see this as a sign of weakness and I don't think most fans see it that way.

    Either way, my point was that Shawn being involved makes perfect sense looking at the build. Can't really fault them making a decision that makes sense within the context of the story and in my eyes, does no damage to anyone. In fact, I wish all of the legends who came on appeared in similar fashion to HBK, when it makes sense in the storyline and isn't just a cheap nostalgia pop (like 83% of every legend on the terrible Raw 1,000th show). His role in this angle serves a purpose and yes it's not a necessary one but it's an additional layer to the feud and I can't complain about them adding it (whether it not it does anything for me is irrelevant). I'd love for Steph to be there too.
  9. I think it'd be funny if everyone in this feud who Brock has pissed off or attacked gets involved and attacks Lesnar at some point. HBK super kicks him. Vince hits him in the head with something. Stephanie perhaps low blows him. Triple H finishes him off with a pedigree. This interference could be instigated when Heyman himself gets involved and interferes on Lesnar's behalf.

    Then Michaels and Vince help a beaten and battered (and if they're willing to go there, bloodied) Triple H stand up and walk out while Stephanie follows behind them, having just survived the fight of his life and saved his 'career' in the process.
  10. This is more than likely what's gonna happen. Great post Kevin :obama:
  11. I could see HBK getting some revenge after HHH beats Brock Lesnar. After getting his arm broken last year, it wouldn't surprise me if he returned the favor and broke one of Lesnar's arms giving him a taste of his own medicine.
  12. Well guys,Im gonna be in spain and participate in WM IWT . (Spoiler)
  13. I think it'll change something but not too much
  14. So they put a guy, who retired to be part of a major storyline once again?

    Might as well give him a full-time job again.
  15. Doesn't really bother me. Possibility or interference and that's it pretty much.
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