News HBK's new job

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Aug 15, 2016.

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    Politicking 101 will commence September 1st. It's worth 25 points towards being called up
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  2. Honestly, I am shocked he stayed away as long as he did... Not that he was ever "away". It is like he just took a few years off.
  3. The dude was completely out of the game. He did the odd appearance here and there. But he's not like most retirees, who start doing the convention circuit or similar
  4. Yeah that is true. Didn't he have a hunting show or something?
  5. Yup. He also wrote a book and did some charity work.

    Shawn wanted out as much as possible because he feared getting the itch to get back in the ring, and sullying his retirement/injuring himself.

    Reports were that he did a quest seminar during mania weekend for the NXT crew and got so inspired/touched by how they looked up to him that he decided to give training a go.

    His current gig involves zero ring work as well. He's the finishing coach. He works with talent on how to portray themselves, how to move to and from the ring, pose. Things like that
  6. That is cool. I knew he didn't want anything to do with them for a while because of that but I didn't know he separated himself that much. I guess he was being smart. I'm sure he will enjoy doing that kind of work and watching the wrestlers improve.
  7. Woulda been nice if he was a ref.
  8. I love the HB Shizzle, so hoping to see him take a liking to someone less talented on the mic and giving them a good bump like he did Bryan.
  9. Awesome news.
  10. Good for Shawn.

    But, relocating from San Antone to....Orlando?!? Property values in South Texas just went down.


  11. HBK gonna teach these kids how suck a Mcmahons dick :ohyeah:
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