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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by True Warrior, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING. MONDAY NIGHT WAR. HCW CHAMPIONSHIP, HCW UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP & HCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (PICTURES ON THE HCW PREVIEW THREAD). How this works is I post a show every monday called War until I decide a GM I will be The CEO & General Manager of War. Me & HCW Creative will write what your character says on the War show for storyline purposes & their will be a official RP thread for HCW if any takers for HCW creative PM me i'd like to keep my Creative Team anonymous incase some people get unhappy. First WAR show begins this Monday & if I dont have enough sign ups ill put it off until the Monday after that.

    Name: (Real Name goes here)
    Ring Name: (Ring Name goes here, this is the name they wrestle under and can be changed if you want it to or by creative)
    Nick Name: (The nickname of your character However subject to change by creative)
    Hometown: Where he/she lives
    Height: (How tall is your character)
    Weight: (How much does he/she weigh)
    Birthdate: (When was he/she born)
    Appearance: (How does he look. Build, hair color, eye color, tattoos,etc)
    Attire: (What does he/she wear, entrance, in-ring and non wrestling)
    Heel: (as a heel. Villian character)
    Face: (as a babyface. Fan Favorite)
    Style Of Wrestling: (What type of style does your character use in wrestling)
    Finishers: (finishing move. Max Two)
    Signatures: (Other moves. Below are some links to moves)
    Entrance Style: How he/she enters the ring. (The More detail the better)
    Entrance Music: (The music he listens to) Please provide the link and name and artist
    Personality: The personality of the character. examples: charismatic, quiet, anger issues....
    Backstory: How he/she became a wrestler. Did he/she wrestle for another online E-FED, etc
    Gimmick: The gimmick of your character. Subject to change by creative as we look for a unique gimmick
  2. I'll submit my character application later.
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  3. Something seems familiar about that sign-up form. :hmm: seems like I have seen it before
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  4. myeeah :shock:
  5. New Japan Pro Wrestling? :hmm:
  6. HCW begins by stealing of FNW ideas. FNW FTW
  7. Should I get the Fucklawyer? @[Sheldor]
  8. I'm not signing up until this is sorted...I'd rather not get embroiled in litigation

  9. Name: Jay Rhodes
    Ring Name: The Kid
    Nick Name: Kid
    Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 170lbs
    Birthdate: 4/20/93
    Appearance: Athletic build, afro, no beard
    Attire: Black Jean Shorts, Black T-Shirt, Black Sneakers
    Heel: Leader of "the crew" who attacks other wrestlers at moments notice
    Face: Stands on his own as brawler who'll still occasionally use dirty tactics to win
    Style Of Wrestling: High-flying/Brawler - Illegal Maneuvers
    Finishers: Jump Drive (Superstars head between chair & X-Factor, which is like a jumping sitting facebuster), Sharpshooter
    Signatures: Russian Leg Sweep into Armbar. Mounted Punches
    Entrance Style: Enters the arena guarded by six other people from his "crew", who surround him from all sides. When he reaches the ring they head backstage.
    Entrance Music:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Easily angered, backstabber, anti-social to those outside of "the crew"
    Backstory: Worked his way through the independents and when he didn't win he used backstage politics and other methods to bury others, so that he might rise to the top.
    Gimmick: "Gang Leader". Educated, calculated, but still aggressive.
  10. Having another e-fed is good competition, it's a legit brand war. I love it
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  11. Hey @[True Warrior]! We have our own e-fed here. And please do not copy the application thread of FNW. Plagiarism, OK?
  12. Ignore her, copy the hell out of that shit :obama:
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