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  1. Hardcore Championship Wrestling. The show will be on a Monday called MONDAY NIGHT WAR. The Championships will be: HCW Championship [​IMG] HCW Universal Championship [​IMG] & HCW Tag Team Championship [​IMG] This is not a sign up thread this is to see if people are interested if you guys are ill make a official sign up comment away :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. sounds cool :obama: i'm in
  3. I'm definitely interested.
  4. Could you give more detail? I think Federation X is good enough to be honest.
  5. I think this would be like WCW vs. WWF sort of thing.

    Only thing is it would be better if it wasn't a company based on one type of match, like Hardcore. I think it'd be better if it were just normal matches, with things like Ladder match, etc. at PPV's, or sometimes Main Events of a show.
  6. Whats different is this will have more Storylines & it'll be more Entertaining it will have a RP thread that I will base matches off of plus the storylines made up by me & HCW creative who will be hand picked by me.
  7. sounds awesome - i like the sound of HCW Creative :haha:
  8. Wait wait wait? Fight Night doesn't have stories? :shock:
  9. Yep! Interested! :happy:
  10. To be honest, since the members do all the talking there really isn't cause we're telling everyone off. :lol1:

    But as soon as we get a champion I think we can start storylines.
  11. HCW vs FNW

    :boss1: Better start my own company for I can be the ECW of this :yay:
  12. Interested
  13. Depends who its run by and how..
  14. Very good concept, I'm sure a few people will be interested.
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