Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by True Warrior, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, so you all know of my HCW e-fed I want to run on here, well here is my idea so please hear me out:

    I want to create a e-fed that is different to FNW, My e-fed will be Hardcore Championship Wrestling. As I am a fan of ECW, so this fed is kind of paying homage to them. Here is who it works:

    Members sign-up with their characters, I need 10 characters to start off with & I will have 1 title to begin with then introduce more as the brand gets bigger. I understand not a lot of members joined up to my other thread, so here is what I plan to do for the moment. Allow upto 3 per member. That means people are allowed to make 3 characters, which in retrospect means that I need at least 4 people to sign-up to my e-fed

    I also understand we have a successful e-fed on here at the moment, so I am asking for you to do the following:

    Create a new section labelled E-Fed, move Federation X to that & create a new one for my brand, HCW there as well. So we will have 2 e-feds running. I then need a sub-section for HCW Creative to work in which must be invisible to others.

    Our shows will be the same as FNW, detailing the entire match from start to finish. This is so we can actually have a rating feud with FNW. I believe that will make the e-fed a lot better & more fun, it will push both of us to produce a better show. My show will run with 5 matches, but I may decrease it depending on how many wrestlers we get submitted.

    I have had experience doing this before, so I know how to run this e-fed, & believe if people submit will be a fairly decent e-fed.

    So Admin, what do you say, can I set up my HCW E-fed?
  2. setup your HCW e-fed in this section.
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