He didn't tell any bad jokes!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. On RAW, there was another edition of MizTV (I'm getting sick of them, Miz needs matches.) It was definitely the best one yet. No stupid jokes from Miz. The only joke he said was saying Vickie and Heyman had 30 chins. Haha.http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/6996/obamavm.png

    Anyway, after a while, Lesnar came out and Miz didn't even move. He stayed and fought. Miz got very little offense in but at least Brock didn't COMPLETELY destroy him. He also took that F5 like a champion.

    What did you think of this Miz? Is this the kind of Miz you could get behind? Also, Do you see a possible Miz/Lesnar follow up on any RAW in the future?
  2. Just wondering if you intentionally put the link to the smiley instead of the actual code of the smiley.
  3. That wasn't meant to happen.:facepalm1:
  4. Oh :dawg:

    And on topic, I did enjoy Miz standing up against Brock. It made him seem less lame than he kind of usually is. He sold the F5 pretty well. I don't think there'd be a Miz/Brock feud though. Here's to high hopes that he keeps the jokes to a minimum from now on.
  5. I hope there isn't a feud between them either. Unless they had a match which had Brock DESTROY Miz only for The Miz to keep kicking out. Eventually, HHH would come out and destroy Lesnar and save Miz. If they did have a feud or match though, Miz would likely get buried.
  6. A Lesnar/Miz feud would be hilarious.
  7. Nah, Miz was just a victim. Maybe they'll have a match, but that's all.
    Anyway, yeah, i liked THAT Miz. He verbally pwned both heyman and vickie.
  8. Miz comes off as an interviewer now instead of an active wrestler. He doesn't really suit this face role as no one believes he can beat up the person he is interviewing. Hell, Paul Heyman looked more intimidating last night than Miz.

    I agree though that the lack of Miz jokes made the segment better, but that crowd didn't deserve it. Brock throwing chairs at Miz was one of the highlights of the night though. That was so funny.
  9. This was one of the better MizTV segments in a while. A segment that benefited everybody involved. But once Miz's feud with Cesaro is over he needs to wrestle more and get a feud or two were he comes out on top under his belt since the lack of in ring action does take a beating on his character.
  10. I rather Miz wrestle as well but I was just thinking, maybe he isn't wrestling because of that landing he took at the Rumble Pre-Show last week. That did look like a pretty bad landing. Maybe having MizTV segments is how they are trying to keep Miz relevant while he looks after his injury.
  11. I could get behind Miz....and push him into an oncoming train. Hoo hoo :jeritroll:
  12. True, he didn't tell any jokes, the segment went on very well and he played the role he had to. I also believe that Miz needs to wrestle more but maybe he was indeed hurt at the Rumble and they're giving him some time off.
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