Head booker role.

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by seabs, Feb 20, 2012.

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Who do you want?

Poll closed Feb 23, 2012.
  1. Jonathan

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  2. Zamorakian

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  1. Vote again 2 day extension.

    Just so people know thewindyfan changed his vote to Zamo, Adam revoked his vote and Campbell changed his from Zamo to Jonathan so the poll makes sense.

    Show Spoiler

    Note: Text inside *'s is the crowd.

    RAW Opening & Segment between CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

    The pyro hits and crowd is electric here tonight in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
    Good evening everybody! Michael Cole here with Jerry 'The King' Lawler and our special guest tonight, the one and only Hall of Famer, good ol' JR!

    JR: Thanks Michael, it's great to be here tonight for what promises to be a spectacular show with 3 title matches scheduled for tonight!
    CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against his arch rival, Chris Jericho in what promises to be a star-studded match.
    WWE US Champion Jack Swagger will defend his US Championship against the returning, ZACK RYDER!
    And fresh of the heels of his inspiring performance last night at the Elimination Chamber, Santino Marella will defend his World Heavyweight Championship,
    just 24 hours removed from what was one of the most grueling Elimination Chamber matches in history against the Great White, Sheamus!
    *The crowd scream as they see the graphic on the titantron*

    As Cult of Personality hits the crowd are electric here tonight in Green Bay for the WWE Champion, CM Punk!

    King: Wow, what a response tonight for the champ!
    JR: This is what it's all about, guys like CM Punk who left nothing in the ring last night, and gave us the best Chamber match to date!

    As Punk heads into the ring, pictures are shown of the Chamber match from last night on the titantron.
    Punk: As you may have seen last night, I'm still the WWE Champion!
    Punk: I know, it's great isn't it! But... let's not get too carried away just yet, because you see... I still have someone to deal with.
    Someone who claims I copy him, someone who is egotistical, and someone who has hogged the spotlight for far, far too many years.
    Yes, Chris Jericho.
    He claims that, I am a wanna-be? I guess he invented all of his 1001 move list, correct?
    Nah, that's what I thought and you see, this is where his mind all goes completely absurd.
    He seems to believe that I stole from him, when in actual fact, most of his moves are taken from the greats like Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero and the Imortal One, Hulk Hogan.
    Now I'm not here to talk, believe me, I just want that snickelfritz in the ring tonight to give you one hell 'ov a match!
    *Yeeeeeah! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK!
    Punk drops his mic, and Cult of Personality drowns out the cheers as he walks down the aisle.

    Just as he approaches half way, Jericho appears on the tron, staring in disgust at what Punk has just said, as we fade to black for an ad break.

    Zamorakian -
    Show Spoiler

    As the feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho continues from last night's PPV you can hear CM Punks surprise song play and see the champion himself walking down the stage prepared to speak out on his win last night, As he enters the ring he is approached by a crew member who hands him a microphone due to some technical problems with the microphone Punk was holding which you could hear when the crew member whispered Punk. As Punk begins to speak the crowd stands up and chants "CM PUNK CM PUNK" the expression of CM Punks face cannot be described as how happy he is not only that survived the Elimination Chamber match but the fact that he has so many supporters around him.

    As he looks around the arena expecting nothing but a warm welcome by the crowd of Minnesota he is quickly approached from behind by Chris Jericho who throws his finisher move The Code Breaker and then takes the microphone off Punks hand. As Chris Jericho prepares himself to address the audience while CM Punk lays down on the centre of the ring completely helpless, he finds himself unable to start, due to the crowd shouting "YOU SUCK" continuously.

    Chris Jericho: I SAID SHUT UP YOU FOOLS

    The crowd raises the volume.

    Chris Jericho: Listen up you mo...The crowd cuts him off yet again..as that keeps continuing Wade Barretts surprise song is played as he walks down the stage to enter the ring he grabs a microphone from one of the crew standing beside the ring.

    Wade Barrett: Pathetic Morons! Show some manners and let the man speak..don't you have any respect whatsoever?

    The crowd continues to shout and bawl making Wade irritated.

    Wade Barrett: Fine, have it you're way, if any of you filthy people speak one word, 'Best in the World' here will get beaten, allow us to speak, and he will not be harmed any longer. The crowd falls deathly silent.

    Chris Jericho: How typical, now you listen huh? I am the best in the world at what I do this fool is nothing but a complete douche who cannot defend himself, I know everyone paid to see me win last night in the Elimination Chamber but somehow I was eliminated from the match WHICH I WAS NOT..I AM THE BEST AND THIS IS MY CHAMPIONSHIP, THIS IS WHAT I DESERVE AND YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

    Several fans begins to boo, causing Wade Barrett to deliver a blow to the head of Punk who lays there in the center of the ring completely helpless.

    Jericho: As i was saying before i was so rudely interupted, the reason why the Elimination Chamber sucked last night was because of the tragic mistake the referees made, they took me out for no reason, as soon as Punk saw me winning he had to find a way to coward himself out and kick me into one of the camera men.

    I am the one who you should cheer for, I am the one who should be called the WWE Champion and that is because of me and Wade here ridding you of this shambles of a human being laying on the floor that is what I call entertainment, go ahead, cheer for him now!
  2. @[seabs] I recommend making it a public poll so you can see if people are self-voting etc.
  3. My vote goes to Jonathan however I feel both have a lot to offer Federation X.
  4. Thanks mate :wink:
  5. Both need to work on punctuation and display of content, but I've voted for Zamorakian on this occasion as his layout was a bit easier to read and the content inside I found more entertaining.

    @[Jonathan] , Staff+ can see who have voted.
  6. Good luck to you Jonathan.

    Will do on future occasions, thanks for your vote though.
  7. I voted for Zamorkian, mainly due to the reason Crayo posted plus I can see he's really passionate about this. I must admit who ever wins will be a great head booker from the looks of it. So either way the E-fed wins.
  8. I kept the majority of one speech together so that there wasn't lines between each line of speech.
    I wasn't aware we were being judged on presentation... I thought this was an example.

    May I quickly edit the layout then, please?

  9. Sorry but no edits. It kind of ruins the legitimacy of it all. It's best if entries are final imo.
  10. Can you edit?

    Fair enough.
  11. People can judge on what they want lol there's no specific guidelines.

    Probably too late now, grammar/punctuation and layout are what I feel are quite important for a booker/writer etc.
  12. Where is my punctuation/grammar lacking? :searches:
    Also, considering Zamorakian did a first one and got feedback on that so he could improve. That's not exactly fair, is it Crayo..
    He should have had to stick with that one...
  13. No he shouldn't have, I find it quite ironic also our auto correction for the "of/have" mistake corrected you in a post where you question your grammar errors :emoji_wink:

    No complaining, everything is fair. People, vote :emoji_slight_smile:.

  14. No because that was an example to prove that I can write segments/whatever, and I also didn't put my all in it so would that be fair to me?

    Let's just see how this goes and no matter what happens as seabs said the E-Fed will still be successful.

  15. Do you want me to put in his first one also?

  16. It's because with words like that, I write the way I speak up here in the NE. :hehe:
    Why not change it to his original then? Only fair :huh::verysad:

    I think that would be fair. I could have posted my example first and got feedback..

    Let is? You mean lets?
    Also Seabs*
  17. This is so awesome..Jesus...

    This guy no matter what happens is a lady who keeps moaning for everything he wants.
  18. Handbags away :wink:
  19. Omg this is so embarrassing. You're asking us to put in his weaker version (where he wasn't being judged like he is now, and wrote in minutes) to get you more votes? We want to see the best of you both so we can judge, and that's what we have. Stop complaining it's doing no one any good.

    Just saying, his username is "seabs" so calling him "Seabs" doesn't make sense, don't turn this thread into a competitive mess. I advise both of you to stop replying unless you're thanking those who have voted for you, since it might damage your claim.
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  20. Sorry I didn't do anything but reply to what he's saying about me, you clearly have a point and your words are final.
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