News Head writer fired over the weekend

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2014.

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  2. This week's Raw was so, so much better.
  3. I really enjoyed this weeks RAW. But it was obviously a bit chaotic. But that makes it a bit more fun
  4. Immediately, we notice a huge improvement. Raw was awesome.
  5. Writer shake up in WWE? They have these like twice a month.
  6. bray wyatt ate him in a black magic voodoo
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  7. Honestly I didn't feel like tonight's Raw was really that much better.
  8. I thought tonight was remarkably better, but mainly because the last two or three weeks have felt kinda flat outside of the Cesaro segments and the segments surrounding HHH, the Shield, etc.

    Tonight's show had more segments that popped. It also had the "cheap humor" with Steph being sick and throwing up on Vicki, but that's worth it (we had the same kind of humor in the AE, but it was well-used, like it was tonight). Besides, tonight was the debut of the next top-tier talent in WWE.......Stardust!

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  9. Just from reading the results this show felt like it was a lot different. They had 3 straight dirty finishes to start the show, and the first two REALLY got over that Ambrose was really pissed off (even though they had to beat Ziggler in the process, lolwwe) and BNB actually having a finish that could get him some heat in a weird way. Then if Vince was running the show, I can't believe they actually let a Sheamus match not end in a Sheamus finish. All of this seemed to be really good imo.

    Again there was the vomit jokes... with Roman Reigns, which associating him with stupid shit seems like the dumbest thing you could possibly do... but this time... it actually worked. :blackshock: It showed Roman Reigns was a clever lil' dude who can come up with his own way of getting in the MITB match. Plus it's another GM getting fired, who can complain about that?

    There was more backstage stuff, more chaos, and more interest. No matter how much the IWC may think this is a bad thing, our wrestling-heavy Raws recently have clearly not been enough to hold our interest. This kind of show should be a much-needed change of pace.

    Still, stretcher matches suck a fat one.
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