News Head writer sending out feelers to other companies

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  2. 15 Years is legit experience, anyone should be glad to have him.. I wonder why he sent out feelers, something must be happening pretty big internally if someone who is well liked within the company inquires about opportunities with others.
  3. Lagana seems to be the anti-Russo. Overly logical with lots of long, drawn out stories. Suppose him being used in the same way Russo should be used, as a consultant who can come up with ideas who someone smart can fix and make into something good, wouldn't turn out greatly.

    Just a shame to see everyone jumping off this ship.
  4. I won't mind if Lagana quits.

    He's alright and all, but I don't think his style of writing is what TNA needs atm.
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  5. Definitely, I mean with the way they're wanting the show to work out for the moment I really don't see his style blending with it that well.
    I can see him going back to ROH, which would probably work at this time.
  6. Lagana wrote on his Twitter that he wasn't "going anywhere" in regard to the rumors. He recently purchased a home in Nashville, which pretty much means he's got roots in the city now.
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