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  1. Just thought why don't we have a Money in the Bank Logo (.png) next to the WWE Forums logo
    i.e. [​IMG]
    You could add a link to the Money in the Bank section (but don't make the WWEF logo and the MITB logo the same link)
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  2. I suggested to Crayo changing the header slightly whenever a PPV came around. There's just a lot of plans for the header/theme that it's hard to keep track of them all, but I definitely agree with this.

  3. I like the idea of making the whole site somewhat different each month to match the PPV's. I just don't have any graphic talent in the slightest.
  4. *coughs* :willis:
  5. Plenty if people, Lady, Chaz and even me
  6. Theme designing is a different animal to signatures and such though.
  7. For MITB you could just change the colour palette to use greens instead of blues.
  8. I said that to Cray as well too :alone:
  9. :neveralone:

    I can try it on a separate theme.
  10. :please: :yay:

    But :woo: to PPV themes!
  11. We use images for our .thead though, that's an issue right?

    To our current theme, I'd like to change our site background, and graphics around the board.
  12. That's no problem, adjusting the hue is easy.
    I like the background idea too, this could work out great. :challengeaccepted:
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  13. will it be done before or after MITB 'cause then we would have to make it "Summerslamy"
  14. It can be done later today possibly.
  15. If you still have the .PSD it's really easy to change the colors & stuff.. js :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Graphics... ;(
  17. I'm hungry make this happen!
  18. If you guys need any theme help I can probably help out from time to time.
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