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  1. 00iwt_zpsd0fdc302.png

    I tried making it PNG but couldn't i think it looks pretty good.
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  2. We already have some other one's planned.

    Batista (open)

    Bobby Roode (open)

    Brock Lesnar (open)

    Cesaro (open)

    John Cena (open)

    Randy Orton (open)

    Triple H (open)
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  3. Why can't we have the one i added to?
  4. DZ is a jobber.
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  6. All I know is that Orton shouldn't be the face of the forum.
  7. only if you go by match results and card position
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  8. This one is gooood.

    lol @ Dolph Ziggler

    and double LOL @ D'Z
  9. Absolutely horrendous if we're being honest. What did you cut Dolph with?
  10. I just pasted a D'z onto the logo. I didn't cut at all.
  11. what program did you use?
  12. Paint...Lol
  13. I can tell. BTW, PNG doesn't mean transparent. It has to actually be made transparent. Also, paint can't save as transparent. Even if you c+p a transparent background in, it makes it white.
  14. Yeah....
  15. What a tattletale
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  16. :otunga:
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  17. Sycosis , stop making suggestions and crawl back in your hole.
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  18. :henry: