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  1. Antonios music hits throughout the arena and the crowd erupt with cheers

    Antonio appears on the stage and the crowd continue to cheer louder. He walks down to the ring with a little swagger in his walk. He gets in the ring and asks for a mic whilst waiting. The crowd are still going bananas for Antonio.
    He grabs the mic, goes to the turnbuckle, and sits on the top rope. He then begins to speak.

    So we are back here, living in a fictional world of disbelief about last time I was in the ring. Yes Izobella, my wife got superkicked but I can not let affect me. Anyway, that is in the past, I have a triple threat match this week with Jack Rouge and Bill Bronson. I have to say I have never fought these two men before. However, I know what they are both capable of doing to me.

    Antonio jumps off the top rope and begins to speak again.

    Those two are big faces around here, I'm not as big. But this... this is a greater opportunity for me, let's try and understand why. I mean, if I beat Rouge I've beaten a big name and if I best Bronson, I beat the European Champion. However I'm not gonna talk in IF's I'm gonna talk in WHEN, so WHEN I beat both mean in that triple threat and WHEN I win the match, I will be at the top of Precision.

    Antonio begins to walk around the ring with a little bit of emotion on his face

    All I have heard leading up to this match is people saying stuff like, "He won't be able to win, or focus in this match I mean look what happened last week when his wife got superkicked" or "Stark is the underdog in this match" but no, I'm not an underdog I'm up there with the best. I'm one of the best in the world - it may sound cocky but there might also be some truth to it. I will prove how good I am in that triple threat and prove some of you people wrong.

    Rouge's music hits and the crowd begin to cheer even more

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  2. *Jack Rogue walks onto the stage, microphone in hand, and stands still for a moment to soak in his ovation. As his music fades out, he holds the mic to his mouth, waits for the crowd to die down a little, and begins to speak as he walks towards the ring*

    Jack: Woah, woah, woah, Antonio! I feel like you're getting a little ahead of yourself. See, I've had my hopes of grandeur crushed often enough in TWF to realise that in this business you can never, ever, talk in when's. Anything can happen. It takes three seconds to win a match, one rollup, or one big shot, one hard kick. That can come from anywhere - and to assume that you're immune to that, Stark, is delusional. Get back down to Earth, kiddo.

    *Now reaching the steel steps, Jack pauses to walk up onto the apron and into the ring*

    Jack: You have your heart in the right place, you know the value of these people and that is what's important. But you need to get the same respect for your fellow competitors, and realise that even the greatest competitors lose, just as even the greatest streaks are broken. So tonight, you need to get ready for the match of your life. Becuase right now, you don't have the respect for the people like me that you should, but when I come out here and enthral this crowd like I always do... by the end of tonight I will make sure... that you do. And if I get a damn second, trust me, I will kick your head...

    *Rogue is cut off by the sudden hit of Bill Bronson's music*

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  3. The European Champion's music fills the arena to a less than welcome reception. Rogue and Anarchist stand in the ring and anticipate the appearance of Bill Bronson. After what seems like a minute, Bronson appears on the stage. However, despite being set to wrestle in the same night, he's in his standard street clothes, which consist of blue jeans and a plaid button-up shirt. The crowd boos only louder as Bronson begins strolling down to the ring. However, instead of continuing on to the ring, Bronson stops walking and raises the microphone up to his mouth. Once he opens his mouth, though, the crowd's boos only seem to grow.

    Now I-

    The boos continue over Bronson, who is cut off by the rambunctious crowd. He waits a moment before attempting again.

    As I was-

    Continually the boos shower over the champion, who just stands on the ramp, progressively getting more and more agitated. Bronson's two foes stand in the ring amused at his current battle against the crowd. Eventually, Bronson reaches his breaking point and proceeds to turn around and head back up the ramp. Naturally, this only garners more boos to rain down onto Bronson, who made his way back up to the stage. He turns back to face the raucous crowd and yells "You don't deserve to hear me." After yelling this, Bronson pauses for a quick moment before backing his way through the curtain and back to the backstage area. The camera cuts to Jack Rogue and The Anarchist standing in the ring, puzzled.

    -End Segment-
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