Heath Slater as IC champion.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. As ridiculous as it sounds could he be a great proposition to add some prestige to the IC title division. He's one of the most natural heels on the roster from his look alone and he's a decent seller so it's possible. I'm sure he'd draw some heat which in turn would make people cheer the faces who go against him.
  2. Yeah but he is brutal on the mic. He has no charisma and his work Is sub par. I'd rather see the belt on hornswoggle
  3. How is his work sub par? I'm not a huge fan but some one who draws that level of heat could be a great champion.
  4. I find him sloppy and uninteresting. Just my opinion.
  5. He's a good worker, seller and has an amazing look. He gets natural heat too, every time he appears. He sucks on the mic but that helps him, people boo him more (like they done when Swagger was champion). I wouldn't be against it, though I do think it's a step down for the IC title after Rhodes has brought some prestige back into it.
  7. The thread title made me think Heath Slater was the new IC. I'm like wtf, when did this match happen...

    Anyways, I rather have Rhodes as the IC. I haven't seen Heath Slater wrestle/fight since Nexus.
  8. Tyson Kidd > Rhodes > Heath Slater for IC Champ.
  9. Not for now since Miz is holding it, and I'd say he should win the US title, but it seems like they'll do that with Cesaro. But he draws some heat and is OK in the ring, that's true.
  10. Old thread is incredibly old but I was on the bandwagon before all ya.
  11. The thread is old? :lol1:

    Didn't even notice it.
  12. i hate old thread lol.
  13. Your right it is ridiculous
  14. I agree with this even more so now. Heath Slater went from bad to great on the mic.
  15. Let's hear some reasoning then.
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