Heath Slater.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by RoyalRaven, May 1, 2013.

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  1. He's probably the best wrestler in 3MB, He sells really well and he has a variety of good moves.

    As you can see he is capable of pulling off a variety of moves aswell. That video doesn't include his Slingshot moves, which look absolutely amazing.

    so other than removing him from 3MB what else do you think is needed to make him a more credible wrestler?
  2. 3MB was a great idea for an angle, and Slater could be very very entertaining with it hadn't they made them jobbers (not that they weren't jobbers before but you get my point).
  3. 3MB is a good idea, but they're known wrestlers and the The Shield appeared and in my opinion The Shield is more interesting and powerful than 3MB. Heath Slater could leave 3MB and make something bigger, like Nexus was
  4. He is a decent worker but will always be a jobber. He is not really taken seriously maybe that has something to do with his southern accent.
  5. Lifetime jobber. Someone has to do it.
  6. He is the modern version of the honkytonk man. Entertaining character and okay wrestler but will never become a main eventer. I expect a long IC title run somewhere down the line.
  7. of course, but by being the jobber doesn't he get some credit if the other guy becomes "great?"
  8. The Brooklyn Brawler jobbed to all the greatest stars of the 80s and 90s and no one gives a crap about him , or gives him any credit.

    As for Slater, he's OK. He get's quite a bit of TV and seems to have fun with his character. Not a bad way to make a living if you ask me. I don't see him becoming a threat to any title any time soon.
  9. Respect the guy but am perfectly fine with him being a jobber for life. He's the GOAT at it.
  10. I can't see him being a main event superstar, he just doesn't have the look for it. The farthest I can see is the Intercontinental championship or another tag team championship reign. I personally don't mind, I think he's a great wrestler and a great seller, and it's kinda sad how Three Man Band became jobbers. It had potential to be a great midcard stable, with the entertaining gimmick and all.
  11. Well, I think Drew is better than him and he lacks charisma.
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