Rumor "heaviest-Paul Heyman influenced" Raw yet

Mr. Roman Empire

The Game
This week's WWE RAW from North Little Rock, Arkansas was the heaviest-Paul Heyman influenced red brand episode to date, according to

There seems to be a good amount of positive feedback on this week's RAW episode, which also featured the Executive Director in an on-screen role that saw WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar destroy Seth Rollins.

It was speculated that Heyman came up with the Gauntlet Match, which saw Ricochet defeat Rey Mysterio, Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Andradeto earn a SummerSlam shot against WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. It was reported that they wanted to really contribute to making new stars with the Gauntlet match.

Paul Heyman is a genius :heyman2: :heyman2::heyman2::heyman2::heyman2:absolutely crushed it tonight. This was super important because Raw had a very high rating last week because of the reuinion.

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