Heel Bork or Face Bork?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Currently we have monster heel Brock Lesnar, is that the role you prefer him in? Or would you like him to be the powerhouse face? I know the IWC is heel friendly and stuff, but I thought I'd ask the question.

    Cena is the only big big face right now who's actually over and draws (apart from part-timers like Rock and Undertaker), and I know Brock is part-time as well, but it would give us another chance to build a top heel. Instead of feeding up-and-coming heels to Cena constantly, it gives you a different alternative.

    Anyway, what do you think and why?
  2. Heel all the way, he can make a new babyface star in a night if used correctly.
  3. BROCK LENSER! GET IT RIGHT! And heel to makes more sense.
  4. Brock Lesnar - GET IT RIGHT!
  5. This is hilarious :dawg:
  6. Yeah Cynthi, heel Lesner or Face Lenser.
  7. Bork doesn't really need to be a heel or face. He can just kick anyone's ass and it is believable.
  8. Either one is good. I'm liking his heel work, and I think he could pull off a face as well (since I'm working on the premise that face part timers have interesting characters). For him to build new stars he can do either. That just takes something simple, you know, him actually working with new stars.
  9. Like said by Leo, either wise.

    Big part of the crowd is cheering him already, you pick which side of the crowd. :dawg:

    At the moment, imo this is best for him to work with the higher level faces.

    Can't imagine a Heel Punk vs a Face Lesnar tbh.
  10. I prefer him as a heel. He has the perfect prototype of a monster heel, and has a legitimate UFC background now to back it up. He could be a successful baby face, though.

    As a heel, he can go up against guys like Cena, Rock, Triple H, CM Punk, Ryback, Sheamus, Randy Orton, etc.

    As a face, he can go up against guys like Big Show, Mark Henry, Roman Reigns, etc.

    Obviously, he has more options to work with as a heel, which is largely the reason I prefer him as one, but he can work the baby face role if need be.
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