Heel Henry or Heel Show?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Which do you prefer? I guess Show's current role as a monster heel is almost identical to Henry's so I thought I would make this comparison thread.

    Also, explain why.
  2. Heel Henry, I just loved the mentality and his aggression, I loved it when he slammed Lawler straight through the announcers table, it just seemed so right. Would love to see a few more inductions into the hall of pain.
  3. Heel Show.
  4. He said and why? :smug:
  5. Heel Henry, obviously. Such a natural heel more than Show. His theme, the hall of pain, how he acts in-ring etc.
  6. Heel Henry and it's not even close. He's only behind Tensai when it comes to playing the big guy role in the ring, and his aggression and intensity on the microphone is fantastic. Show is pretty dull and monotonous on the stick and is usually dreadful in the ring.
  7. Heel Henry, plain and simple, there's no need to explain why.
  8. Re: RE: Heel Henry or Heel Show?

    Show as a heel has sucked after he cried the day Lauriantis sacked him for mocking his voice..
  9. Oh yeah.. Because Big Show hasn't had a good gimmick since.. He was always one of my faves until he never showed his personality anymore.. Never to me...
  10. No doubt Henry.

    Henry just had this comedic yet dangerous presence about his monster heel run

    He could go from seriously funny to seriously dangerous and entertaining in seconds and it seemed so natural not forced.

    His trash talk was the best around.

    Big show is just like meh he's big but no personality or charisma.

  11. Big Show wearing a hoodie was the last draw. For f*** sake's why is it when a guy goes 'dark' he throws the hoodie on.

    Why turn heel in the first place? Is he butt hurt for being canned by Johnny? Johnny fired him cause he was being a tool.... all was justified

    Henry on the other hand is comical by default... Henry could be eating breakfast and Id be dying of laughter.

    You can't teach talent... its learned... its innate... The Silverback proves this and whatever Anthrometaphor Henry uses on himself is fine by me
  12. Heel Henry, he has the look, he has the skills to talk as a heel on the mic, he's aggressive and was completely dominant.
  13. Heel Henry, him playing that role was so natural. As said, the guy would crack me up but could turn serious, him breaking Big Show in a different place every week, giving Lawler anal bleeding and killing the audio guy were awesome. He was the best trash talker during matches as well. It was awesome.
  14. Heel Henry, his big old smile brought tears of joy to my eye.
  15. Hey @[Seabs]


    Drop the soap.
  16. Bad guys get cold :sad:
  17. He has no hair and it's becoming winter! You want him to catch a cold?! :sad:
  18. I don't see the image stop :sad:
  19. It was probably this one

    Show Spoiler
  20. Point taken, believe it or not

    I'm supposed to take that the hoodie signifies a tortured soul... terrific

    Since AJ Lee is such a dingbat, throw a hoodie on that cow and watch Vince's eyes light into $ signs.

    F*** you Eminem, f*** you for making the hoodie fly off the shelves in mainsteam america
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