Heel or Face? (Game)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Simple game. I'll post the name of a wrestler, the next post will say if they prefer them as heel or face, and then post a wrestler of their own.

    Ready? :woo:

  2. Heel Trips is greatness!

    Daniel Bryan
  3. Face I guess.

    Ric Flair.
  4. Face

  5. Heel

    Seth Rollins
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    The Rock
  7. Heel Rock was gold

    Shawn Michaels
  8. Heel

  9. Heel

  10. Lmao really? Reeeally? For real, no question Heel.

    Bo Dallas
  11. Lol, his face run was so horrible they turned him into a troll cena. Heel for sure

    Randy Orton
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  12. Heel, but like 04-06 Orton heel, not authority Orton heel. Still a boss as a face recently tho.

    Kurt Angle
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  13. saying "you suck" on the rhytim of the song. Nuff said

    dolph ziggler
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  14. Was jus gonna ask that one next hahah damn don't know. It's pretty much impossible for him to be a heel today, and he's good either way, but I like his face promos better I guess so face.

    Doink The Clown
  15. Original doinky heel run.

    Chris Jericho
  16. Heel. No real specific reason, just always enjoyed his work better as a heel for some reason.

  17. Heel.

  18. Lol heel no doubt.

    Shawn Michaels
  19. Weirdly enough, I like him better as a face

    John Cena:dawg:
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