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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. is everyone satisfied now? You clamored for it for years, and now he is heel and still as boring as ever IMO.

    So for everyone who desperately wanted heel Orton, you digging it?
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  2. It hasn't been as good as people expected. As far as in ring goes I'll give him time because he's wrestled once but his promos have been as bad as they were before.
  3. This isn't "The heel Viper, the aggressive, arrogant asshole that you love to hate", this is "the stooge kissing Triple H's ass". Hardly what we were dying to see.
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  4. IWC would bitch if you hung them with a new rope
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  5. Yeah, I'm happy. Thanks for asking.
  6. I'm happy with a Randy Orton heel turn, you may ask, why? I'm happy because Randy Orton is more suited and fitted in the role of being a heel. I absolutely loved his heel run with Cody Rhodes and Ted D, so it just goes to show that he can be that entertaining heel, but it seems like Randy Orton is Triple H's bitch.

    Once the Daniel Bryan and Triple H thing finishes and he's a solo competitor with no one helping him such as Triple H and The Shield, I'm sure he'll be much more entertaining.

  7. I can give it a little credit, but THIS IS TOTALLY MY FEELINGS TOWARDS IT.
  8. Don't like how WWE is managing their stars' character right now. That's it
  9. I had been saying for awhile prior to the heel turn that I didn't mind him as a baby face when he was The Viper. He was playing the same character either way, something he couldn't quite do as the Legend Killer for obvious reasons. (That short-lived face run from August 2004-Match 2005 was boring as hell.) I marked more for HHH going heel than Orton.

    That said, it's only been two weeks and that's not enough time to really see Orton do anything to really make shit personal like he did from 2007-2009. He hasn't done anything to Bryan that's akin to punting Cena's dad or HHH's father-in-law and RKOing Stephanie and then on another occasion hitting her with the ropehung DDT and then kissing her while she was unconscious while HHH remained handcuffed to the ropes unable to do anything. As much as I would hate for them to acknowledge that Bryan is dating one of the Bellas, it would at least be awesome to see Orton treat Brie like he did Stephanie four years ago. (Of course, they'd likely never do that.)

    All of that said, maybe the best course of action was to change up Orton from The Viper persona. The more arrogant and brash side we saw of him from his Evolution/Legend KIller days would be more suited to the role he currently has, I think. If he grew his hair back out a little more and shaved the beard and adopted more of the pretty boy look he used to have, it would fit in better with being the company's Corporate Champion (especially with Bryan calling him 'pretty' while Bryan himself has been considered scraggly.) The tattooed arms still exist but meh. This is Orton from last year with the old look:

    It would also be a full circle moment since he's aligned HHH again and HHH even said that "The coal is now the diamond" in a promo two weeks ago, a clear reference to something he said way back then Evolution was around.
  10. I cant even tell if there was a change in Orton lol, he just aligned himself with bad people, not much of a turn imo
  11. Still seems like the bland emotionless man, who for someone reasons gets women's attention. At the same time though, he still has that more of a heelish look, and I enjoy the storyline he's in, so it's not to bad honestly.
  12. Triple H is actually champion he basically announced that by saying randy just holds the belt for him, if he wanted to be champion why doesn't he just put the wrestling gear back on and be champion rather then make randy orton look weak.
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