Heel Punk or Heel Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Decide who you like better.

    :pity: or :yes:
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  2. I think CM Punk. I just think his character is more believable. when he talks its like the character he's playing is his own personality
  3. Punk. Heel Bryan is just fighting the grain at this point.
  4. From a character standpoint Punk by a pretty wide margin IMO.
  5. I actually like the idea of heel Bryan vs. anti-heroic-face Punk (go back to the character he had before "Summer of Punk II").

    Either character is more believable as a heel. I think they should both be heels and work together.

  6. :hmm:... :pity:, I guess.

  8. Punk has a lot more depth for me, heel Bryan whilst good at being an arrogant fuck who can actually fight isn't much else where as Punk can use various traits.
  9. I love both but def CM Punk as a heel.
  10. Obviously, I'm going to have to go with @[CM Drunk] for this one. His heel character is quite remarkable if I do say so myself.
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