Heel turn vs Face turn and why

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. The title is short and simple. Do you prefer the heel turn or the face turn and please explain why.
    Your reasons can range from the initial pop, the build or the phases afterward.
    Saying, "It depends", is also acceptable but be sure to try and be conclusive.
    Above all else, come strong.

    I choose the face turn. It's easier to rally behind a face turn because crowds seem more receptive faces and angles generally built to favor the babyface.
  2. I don't naturally prefer one over the other. I hate to give the standard and ordinary answer here, but to me it's all about the superstar that's turning (especially depending on how eager I might be to see him or her switch up their face/heel alignment) and how well executed it is. Some of my favorite turns of all time:

    -The double turn at Wrestlemania 13 (which includes the scathing promo that Bret Hart directed towards the American fans the next night. I personally don't feel he was officially a "heel" until he gave that promo.)
    -Batista turning on HHH and Ric Flair on Raw in 2005 (i.e. the end of Evolution.)
    -Paul Bearer slamming the urn down on the Undertaker's skull at Summerslam 1996.
    -Hulk Hogan officially establishing the NWO by joining up with The Outsiders at Bash At The Beach 1996.
    -Vince McMahon admitting to Jim Ross on an episode of Raw that he didn't want Steve Austin to win the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 14. It took people by surprise at the time because Vince had been around as a babyface commentator since the 1970's and to hear him direct disdain and contempt towards another babyface for the first time shocked a lot of folks.
    -...But most of all, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan breaking the hearts of millions of Americans by turning on the USA to join up with Team Canada on Nitro one fateful night in the year 2000 (bwahahahahaha... OK, that one is a bad joke. This was actually, indisputably, one of the worst heels turns of all time since no one could take a heel Jim Duggan seriously.)
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  3. I prefer a good ol fashion face turn. While heel turns are "shocking" and "unexpected" often times, face turns tend to be slow burn, natural progression with a performer and the crowd. You can pretty easily make someone hate you, but when the crowd starts to support a guy as a babyface it can't be faked. They either like him or they don't. You can't rely on cheap tactics to get crowd involvement like a heel can. (outside of something like a Foley pop, but that isn't really going to get you anywhere).

    I like when heels start to get cheered and eventually you're just like wait did the crowd turn that guy face??
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  4. A really unexpected Heel turn is what I like, because it is a shocking moment, face turns are awesome but they take a while to build but a OMG moment usually are limited to heel turns.
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  5. I also don't really prefer one over the other, also gotta go with the standard answer of any turn that makes sense/has a good crowd reaction/is well executed I like. On the heel turn side it's normally more of a surprise, when the face turn is normally slow burn. Two sides of a coin, but I enjoy both.
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  6. I've enjoyed each answer, which is rare. Turns are circumstantial. One thing Kev mentioned was the Duggan turn.
    I recall Tugboat turning on Hulk Hogan to join Earthquake. The two went on to become the Natural Disasters.
    With the exception of the Austin turn, WWE tends to choreograph turns with as much heat as possible.

    D'Z is correct. It's easy to be a heel; there's more freedom in it. D'Z didn't exactly allude to this in his post but face turns are generally earned. When heels get pops, they earn those pops and the journey to the next step is always entertaining to follow.
  7. Heel turn has shock value. How about HBK kicking Marty through the glass window. I thought he killed him.
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  8. I rarely expect a heel turn and that is what keeps me watching... those unexpected moments and awe factor. That is what keeps wrestling alive for me.
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  9. Heel turns seem to be most complete with a physical transformation.
    A hair cut or new facial hair will usually suffice. I may be in the minority on this, however.
  10. Tugboat was a large guy though, it's much easier to take someone seriously when they have size to their advantage. Jim Duggan was a moron who went around yelling and carrying a 2x4. To this day, he's one of my least favorite characters.

    I also want to say that Scott Steiner's heel turn on his brother Rick at SuperBrawl 1998, while arguably one year too late, was pretty great and shocking, too. Who can forget the WHITE THUNDER look that he debuted the next night that he still keeps to this day?
  11. I have to agree, turning a large guy is textbook simple. Kane and Big Show are ridiculous in that regard.
    There are JBL's (and my opinion MVP's) of the world who are career heels with the occasional one night exception.
    On the flips side, performers like Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Ricky Steamboat have no business working as heels.
    I can only imagine how often Vince snickers to himself to this very day, that WCW actually turned Jim 'f'ing' Duggan
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