Heel vs Heel

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. What are some current heel wrestlers you would like to see face off against another heel?
  2. Ambrose vs Wyatt. We could really see some amazing promos out of those two.
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  3. That would be a good one! I didn't even think of that!
  4. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family.

    It wouldn't make sense but whatever, I love both so to see them physically interact would be exciting to me personally. The match would be fine, I'm sure, but it's mainly this one segment I'm thinking of that I'd love to see. The segment would basically be The Shield cutting a promo when the Wyatt Family attacks them and lays them out. The reason it would be awesome is because both groups debuted in similar ways, with them targeting and attacking random people. The Shield have done this more excessively and for longer though, which is what is karmic about them being the victim of their own style of gang attack here.

    How many people have been out in the ring just doing their own thing only to be surrounded, outnumbered and attacked by The Shield? Several. So, imagine the shoe is on the other foot here - The Shield are out in the ring doing their thing and cutting a promo about something and all of a sudden, the lights go out and the entrance for the Wyatt Family begins. And out they come, with Wyatt carrying the lantern while the commentators, who remain mostly silent, wonder what is about to happen. And what follows is what really shows the difference between the two groups, which is that while The Shield use brute force to put people down, the Wyatt Family will use their brains as well to outmaneuver someone.

    So here, instead of just going straight for The Shield in a big brawl (no way can Harper and Rowan take on three guys by themselves, and I don't want Wyatt to join in and make it a six man brawl, I prefer him to rock back and forth in his chair as usual), they use the darkness to their advantage and when the lights come back on, Roman Reigns, the largest member of the group, has already been attacked and is lying first face on the mat (or is just wrenching in pain on the mat but not knocked out cold just yet, doesn't matter) and Harper and Rowan are standing there waiting for Ambrose and Rollins to turn around. They get into a brawl, which I think Harper and Rowan could win convincingly against just those two. Maybe Reigns starts to stumble back to his feet and eats a nasty big boot from Harper, simply because a big guy hitting another big guy with a move that big guys do best is too awesome to pass up.

    Wyatt then enters the ring and starts cutting a promo. Whatever gospel he is preaching that night, he cuts into it three times, which is for each time he pauses to attack one of the wounded members of The Shield to give them the kiss of death and then hit the Sister Abigail finisher (this is seriously what it's called?) on each of them, one at a time. Then Wyatt drops the mic and falls to his knees and does his pose with his arms stretched out with The Shield laid out all over the ring. The commentators don't know what to make of it because The Shield have never been handled in this fashion.

    Why The Wyatt Family would attack The Shield, I have no idea, but the segment would still be good.
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  5. I agree with Lockward. The Family vs The Shield can be a great match where NXT talents will prove why are they in the main roster.
  6. Shield v Wyatt's tornado tag match - The group which loses must split up, obviously Shield lose cos they're stale now.

    Survivor Series maybe.
  7. Go write for WWE Klockard. That would be an awesome feud
  8. Ambrose VS Kassius Ohno

    I don't knwo if we can use NXT people but these two are great heels and great wrestlers.
  9. hard to say because you rarely ever see Heel vs Heel feuds. If it ever happens, someone defaults to face.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind Wade Barrett feuding with The Real Americans. Since he's so "British" and they're so "American".
  10. Heel ryder vs bork laser.
    HHH vs Heel cena. (not word life, holy shit is that bad)
    Cesaro crushing Swag
    Bork vs HHH.
    Shield vs shield (pick one)
  11. Orton vs Reigns. I don't know why but I think that'd be fun.
    Cesaro vs Swagger
    Wyatt vs Brock
  12. id like all 3, but i see Wyatt as so much > a heel.
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  13. Heath Slater vs Bo Dallas
  14. lol fucking troll.
  15. I would actually want to watch it; but purely out of amusement.
  16. Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel to unify the mid card straps. Just so one of them dies off already.
  17. No, i like axel.

  18. Then, Axel can win? Do you see how easily it is to satisfy you?
  19. if i had a dollar every time i heard that....

    #WWELogic would state Ambrose wins or loses via dq. It wouldnt even be a good match.
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