Heels cutting promos on make-a-wish kids: too far or not far enough?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Basically, do you think this would be good? I'd mark hard for heels dissing make-a-wish kids or including them somehow, but I'm an old fashioned heel fan. Do you think it's a bit too far? Is it different if you have kids of your own? Am I a sick human being for saying I'd mark hard if Ambrose cut some psychotic promo on some make-a-wish kid?
  2. I think it's a bit to far unless the heel attacks them at the moment in my opinion. Not really a fan of using kids in promos like that, adults can be used just fine really.
  3. If it was done properly, like with one of the Make a Wish kid's knowledge beforehand, I can see it being interesting. But there would have to be some kind of immediate payoff, imo. This is not the kind of thing they could let fester. Otherwise it could become tasteless very quick, and very contrary to the current PG product.
  4. I do think cutting a heel promo directly to a make-a-wish-kid would be taking it a tad too far, but I wouldn't mind if heels took shots at their opponent for participating in the make-a-wish program.
  5. Yeah, I am not sure cutting the promo on the kid would be a good idea, but involving him in it? That could actually be part of the Wish, if done properly.
  6. Dissing him/her, but having the baby face come in to save the day n ride off with the kid into the sunset type of deal.. that might work
  7. From an entertainment stand point absolutely go for it, from a PR aspect use a plant and get the same effect.
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  8. If it was done with the kid's knowledge beforehand and also with the parent's permission as well, I'd say some people might find it interesting.

    My personal opinion is that it would be going too far. These are kids with life-threatening diseases, and predetermined promo or not, I just couldn't watch something like that.
  9. I'm all for it. I hate kids.
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  10. Starting to think Adam has more of a soul than you
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  11. This is a tasteless idea to exploit dying children for cheap heat. Ooh so edgy!
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  12. yea it's totally new to use children in entertainment to evoke a response from the audience watching.
  13. You on your period or something champ?

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  14. Give that back to Xanth!
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  15. I always said I would love for Cena to turn heel but the make a wish kids prevent it. It is nothing against them, poor things, but I would find this funny but mean at the same time. If they were in on it, I can't see it being harmful. Imagine if they were to pick some of them to be live on Raw?
  16. lol there is a certain point where it would be too far - and this is one of those times.
  17. An interesting point to use this plot point could have been during an I quit match with Cena, make him choose between his Cenation and the match. Miz during their OTL match when Riley was involved could have done that pretty well.
  18. It'd be cool, but the media would start blasting WWE immensely. I'm personally not a fan of it myself. Who would be sick enough to cut a promo on a dying child?
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  19. I just dont get how you can sell some dying kid dealing with kayfabe for their IRL shit.
  20. do girls really use pads IRL still? @Zach what do you use when you get your period bro?
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