Heels who go too over

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  1. According to Jake it seems he lost a feud with Hogan due to being too over (or at least the DDT was.)

    Has there ever been another case of a heel getting too much of a positive reaction it's cost them feuds with a big babyface?
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  2. It is easier to play the villain and it is more relatable, this is why they get over more than babyfaces. It seems WWE likes to just sweep this under the rug.

    How about Roman vs HHH lolol Not that Roman is "big". I will have to think about this one.
  3. H vs Roman is still happening so wouldn't fit.

    This was a case of Jake vs Hogan feud being squashed as the fans cheered for the DDT rather than Hogan.
  4. But that was more due to Hogan than Vince was it not? Hogan did not want to sell to a man more over than him/that mans move.
  5. According to Jake in the video Vince said it's not happening backstage when Hulk was selling the move so no.
  6. I read that Hulk made Vince change it. Granted I can see both. I can A, see a known political worker protecting his spot on top. And I can see Vince follow the old school doctrine of protect your top good guys. But that does not explain Savage getting sacrificed to Jake instead.
  7. I'm guessing it could be due to them having less invested in Savage than Hogan.
  8. If I remember my timeline correctly. This was when Savage was the obvious number 2 and on Hogan's level. Granted they could decide to sacrifice one but then why not take the gamble and go with Savage as the number 1?
  9. Why take the risk when you have the sure thing? This was 86 remember, Hulk was over like crazy at this time (does Savage vs Andre draw as well if you have him as the top guy?)
  10. CM Punk's 2012 heel run comes to mind. All his reasoning's made sense and the only way he actually did get heat was team up with Paul Heyman. This had a double consequence of pushing an inexperienced Ryback (who was just starting to get over with the crowd) straight to the moon in a feud against Punk and Vince thinking that Punk wasn't a big enough draw for a potential Wrestlemania main event against John Cena, deciding a rematch against The Rock would still create a lot of money and revenue. Yeah CM Punk's match against Undertaker was great, but imagine his match against Cena on Raw was at Wrestlemania? Win or lose, I think Punk may have had second thoughts about leaving pro wrestling behind him.
  11. Austin/Rock in '99 is another that comes to mind. They did headline Wrestlemania 15 as well as Backlash the following month, but according to all parties involved (Austin, Rock, Russo, etc.), they were actually supposed to headline four PPV's in a row (probably switching the title back and forth in the process, with Austin obviously still coming out on top in the end), but Rock became so over that they decided to cut the feud short and turn Rock face the night after Backlash.
  12. John Cena, became so over as a thug he was on top of WWE for at least ten years. I mean yeah, a large part was due to a lot of the talent leaving, but it's still a lot of faith to have in someone.
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