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  1. Fri, November 20th, 2015 - The Fairgrounds Nashville
    The WOMEN OF HONOR are coming to Nashville! Ring of Honor's November 20th television taping will feature the Women of Honor in a BIG way, with two matches featuring the female athletes of ROH! We have just received confirmation of a first time ever battle signed for Nashville on the ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE:


    Veda Scott made an immediate impact on the new Women of Honor division, defeating international veteran Sumie Sakai in Lockport, NY as part of the RELOADED Tour. Fueled by that victory, the always-vocal Scott immediately demanded that she be given more competition. This confidence - and some say, overconfidence - seems to be limitless, as Veda openly and obnoxiously declared she is fully prepared to take on and defeat absolutely any woman in the world.

    Night after night, Ring of Honor delivers the absolute best professional wrestling on the planet. With the advent of the new Women of Honor, scouting top female athletes has become a major priority. If Veda Scott thinks she can defeat the best, then ROH officials are more than happy to watch her try. Right now, there is one particularly in demand talent who was declared a "must" for the new Women of Honor: HEIDI LOVELACE!

    Hailing from Lafayette, IN, Heidi Lovelace has been nothing but impressive her entire professional wrestling career. Taking on both men and women, Lovelace has shown that bravery and heart can stand against size and strength any day! She has developed her own unique, hybrid fighting style incorporating elements of lucha libre, technical prowess, and combinations of devastating kicks. Lovelace is renowned for her ability to absorb incredible amounts of punishment while she refuses to ever stop fighting. One of the most buzzed about young athletes in all of professional wrestling, Heidi Lovelace comes to Nashville fully prepared to seize this opportunity and establish her place among the WOMEN OF HONOR!

    This WOMEN OF HONOR feature is part of our massive return to Nashville on November 20th! You scan be there live and in person on the ROAD TO FINAL BATTLE. To get your tickets to this television taping event, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents
    Friday, November 20th, 2015
    The Fairgrounds Nashville
    625 Smith Avenue - Nashville, TN 37203
    7:30 PM CST bell time

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