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  1. I thought I would make this a thread since, why not?

    I guess short guys get a bad rap for being short. They are singled out on dating sites, mocked in school, women have gone as far to say they wouldn't have babies with a man under 5'9.

    So what I am getting at here is that it is perfectly fine for women to make fun of shorter men and not date shorter men because it is a preference, but if you say it about race, it is racism.

    Logic? Help me out here.
  2. If some women wanna date Yao Mings (I'm exaggarating a bit, lol) instead of your average Joes, then that's their personal preference.
  3. It is preference just like not dating ugly chicks(your opinion). I dislike skinny chicks, do not float my boat much rather for a curvy girl. nothing to do with discrimination. PC BRIGADE out in full force,
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  4. That's why I'm into short girls. I'll always be taller than them.
    I'm basically 6"0 btw. :ko:
  5. Women prefer taller men because of instinctive biological reasons. Taller men look and feel more 'dominant' and thus make the woman feel more protected and secure. There's been quite a few surveys and studies about it:

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