Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell 2012 poster

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I do not like that poster. Look's amateurish.
  3. Ahh, so I guess that explains him in the devil makeup I posted a while back. Good to know. Still not a big fan of the poster, though.
  4. Explains Punk's tweet, still hideous btw.
  5. :badass: Looks okay to me
  6. why is cm punk on all of the ppv posters?
  7. He's probably their second biggest star from the pool who are fully active.
  8. ^ This.

    Also, he isn't. He wasn't on the SummerSlam poster (Lesnar) and isn't on NoC poster (Cena). Unless I'm missing something or just really confused, which admittedly is entirely possible.
  9. i saw a noc poster with cm punk
  10. There was a fan-made one making the rounds, yes. The official WWE poster is some shitty piece of work with Cena and some gold-sparky crap in the background. The general consensus was that the fan-made one actually looked better.
  11. Looks great until you get to the random big patch of White...
  12. Re: RE: Hell in a Cell 2012 poster

    They wanted to fit Sheamus on also.
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  13. Take that back.
  14. Re: RE: Hell in a Cell 2012 poster

    Quit being a mark.
  15. It looks nice minus the white part. However that orange text is not necessary, I think everyone knows who CM Punk is.
  16. Wait CM Punk is on NOC and HITC he get to be on BACK TO BACK Poster ? :damn: But It look wrear?
  17. You seem to like CM punk.

    Part one of my demands. Change username.

    How about tarnishing his legacy

    Cool poster though
  18. GTFOOH!
  19. No, the Punk one for NOC was fan made sadly. Cena is on the official one.
  20. Get a life, seriously.
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