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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Oct 18, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Sunday Night, October 26th, at 8/7c on the WWE Network
    United Kingdom: Monday Morning, October 27th, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    American Airlines Center
    Dallas, Texas

    Match Card:

    MizdowTV starring The Miz
    Ahead of his United States Championship showdown with Sheamus, The Miz will join a special edition of “Mizdow TV” on the hourlong WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff — available on WWE Network, the WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pheed and Pinterest — at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

    “Miz TV” has long been the place for heated interviews, but its “A-list” host will move to the guest chair for “Mizdow TV” as Miz’s stunt double “Damien Mizdow” hosts his own version of the talk show Sunday.

    The Miz hopes to capture his third United States Championship at Hell in a Cell in Dallas, and he’ll certainly have plenty to say about his heavy-hitting opponent on “Mizdow TV.”

    The hourlong Kickoff will also feature a star-studded panel — including Paul Heyman, the advocate for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar — which will preview the highly anticipated event.

    Hell in a Cell Match:
    Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
    There will be no escaping for Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Mr. Money in the Bank will be locked inside the terrifying structure with the man who has been hunting him down for months, a man who once considered him a brother: Dean Ambrose.

    The unstable Superstar has been fuming at Rollins since he stabbed him and Roman Reigns in the back, shattering the seemingly unstoppable force known as The Shield. The Lunatic Fringe is hell-bent on getting retribution, but has rarely been able to get his hands on his former “business partner” in a fair fight. In fact, Ambrose was nearly taken out of action permanently when Rollins Curb Stomped him headfirst through a pile of cinder blocks.

    Ambrose had a roadblock in his road to retribution – John Cena. The 15-time World Champion was furious with Mr. Money in the Bank after Rollins cost him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by clobbering him with his golden briefcase during his match against Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. The Lunatic Fringe and Cena were unable to come to an agreement on who got the first crack at Rollins.

    Instead, The Authority forced the two to face off on Monday Night Raw in a Contract-on-a-Pole Match, with the winner earning the right to enter the Cell with Rollins. In a vicious match, the unstable Superstar emerged victorious, earning the match with Rollins he’s been hungry for.

    Seth Rollins won’t have The Authority to back him up, nor will he be able to run away once he’s locked inside the treacherous structure with The Lunatic Fringe. Will Mr. Money in the Bank be able to put Ambrose behind him, or will the unstable Superstar get the justice he’s been seeking for months?

    Hell in a Cell Match:
    John Cena vs. Randy Orton
    The bitter and historic rivalry between 15-time World Champion John Cena and 12-time World Champion Randy Orton will add yet another chapter on Oct. 26 when the Superstars enter the unforgiving Hell in a Cell to do battle.

    The match was brought into play after Dean Ambrose bested the Cenation leader in a No Holds Barred, Contract-on-a-Pole Match on the Oct. 13 edition of Raw. Per The Authority, the Superstar who did not win that contest would still have to compete in a Hell in a Cell Match against the ever-vicious Viper, who petitioned for the stipulation in an attempt to remind all why he considers himself The Face of WWE.

    Watch Hell in a Cell on WWE Network on Oct. 26

    That bold decision paved the way for what’s sure to be an incredible Hell in a Cell rematch. Cena and Orton faced off inside the fearsome Cell once before in 2009. The Viper slithered away from that conflict the winner.

    Will the result be the same on Oct. 26 when arguably the two most dominant Superstars of the past decade lock horns again in the career-altering Cell? Will Orton do as he set out to prove, quashing Cena’s never-say-die attitude in the process? Or can Cena — who is no doubt upset about his controversial disqualification win over WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match Brock Lesnar, plus , losing his chance to battle Seth Rollins — tap into his dark side against his storied foe, the ever-dangerous Viper?

    U.S. Title Match:
    Sheamus(c) vs. The Miz
    After two consecutive, if disputed, non-title victories over United States Champion Sheamus, The Miz will challenge for The Celtic Warrior’s title at Hell in a Cell.

    Along with his stunt double, Damien Mizdow, the self-proclaimed Hollywood A-lister has been a thorn in Sheamus’ side for several weeks. On the Oct. 6 edition of Raw, Miz rolled up Sheamus for the win moments after the champion Brogue Kicked an interfering Mizdow off the ring apron. Mizdow’s involvement in a rematch a week later again led to a victory for Miz, this time via count-out.

    How to watch Hell in a Cell on WWE Network | Watch Miz & Mizdow pull a fast one

    Now that he has the seemingly endless support of the onetime Damien Sandow, can Miz topple Sheamus on Oct. 26 and claim his third United States Championship? Or will the double-tough Irishman, unquestionably irked by Miz and Mizdow’s antics, flatten the Moneymaker like never before?

    Singles Match:
    Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella
    After weeks of escalating tension and venomous verbal attacks, Brie Bella will finally confront her issues with her sister Nikki when the twins battle each other at Hell in a Cell.

    The rivalry between the previously inseparable twin sisters began at SummerSlam, when Nikki attacked Brie during her match against Stephanie McMahon, costing her the victory and creating a conflict that has snowballed over the past two months. Now, the two will collide at Hell in a Cell, with a special stipulation: The loser must work as the winner’s personal Bella assistant! And if the loser doesn’t fulfill her duties as personal assistant, she will have to quit WWE!

    See how the match was made | How to watch Hell in a Cell on WWE Network

    Since arriving in WWE in 2008, The Bella Twins have become two of the most prominent Divas in WWE. Both Brie and Nikki are former Divas Champions, former Slammy Award-winning Divas of the Year (they shared the award in 2013) and, of course, “Total Divas”co-stars. Until recently, the sisters attained all of their accomplishments with each other’s support. Yet, at Hell in a Cell, they will stand across the ring from one another as enemies, when they meet for the first time in one-on-one competition.

    During their clashes on Raw, Brie and Nikki each have claimed to be the victim while firing accusations of selfishness and jealousy at the other. Now allied with Stephanie, Nikki put Brie in matches with unfavorable stipulations that positioned her sister at a severe disadvantage – similar to the situations she found herself in after Brie quit WWE in June. Brie initially refused to fight her own flesh and blood, but Nikki’s physical and verbal assaults led her to cross that boundary and retaliate.

    Will Nikki’s new attitude catalyze a career-defining win? Or will Brie avenge her emotional torment and shut her sister up for good?

    Singles Match:
    Big Show vs. Rusev
    Big Show’s ongoing problems with Rusev and Lana may have landed The World’s Largest Athlete in sensitivity training and even caused an apparent rift with tag partner and friend Mark Henry, but at Hell in a Cell, Big Show’s biggest problem will be The Super Athlete himself.

    On Oct. 26, the two titans will clash in a rematch of gigantic proportions.

    It was a vow to Henry that led Big Show to Rusev’s door in the first place. After The Hero of the Russian Federation put down The World’s Strongest Man, Big Show saw it as his duty to redeem Henry. In trying to accomplish that task, Show has twice knocked out Rusev, making Lana’s hulking client appear more vulnerable than any Superstar, including Henry, has done, to date. By tearing Rusev’s giant Russian flag down from the rafters weeks back, Show garnered the support of the WWE Universe in America, even if that same defiant act also came at the expense of WWE having to issue an apology afterward.

    Watch Hell in a Cell on WWE Network on Oct. 26

    In a match against Big Show on the Oct. 13 edition of Raw, however, Rusev demonstrated exactly why Lana believes he is a superior competitor. After a back-and-forth brawl, the Eastern European juggernaut managed to land the 7-foot giant in the Accolade, which was subsequently broken up by an interfering Henry.

    Can Rusev repeat that same feat at Hell in a Cell, to winning results? Or will Big Show, having been trapped in Rusev’s match-ending hold once before, KO Punch his way to victory?

    Diva's Title Match:
    AJ Lee(c) vs. Paige
    AJ Lee and Paige’s fierce tug-of-war over the Divas Championship continues, as the upstart Divas will clash again at Hell in a Cell.

    After Paige lost the championship to her “frenemy” in a Triple Threat Match also involving Nikki Bella at Night of Champions, she looks to win the title for a third time, the number of reigns that AJ currently possesses.

    The rivalry began on Raw the night after Wrestlemania 30, when Paige scored a shocking, and quick, upset victory over AJ, ending The Black Widow’s record-setting 295-day reign as Divas Champion. Tension rose on the June 30 edition of Raw, when AJ made short work of Paige to regain the championship. The Diva of Tomorrow defeated AJ for the title again at SummerSlam, only for AJ to regain the title at Night of Champions.

    In recent weeks, AJ has combatted the new alliance of Paige and Alicia Fox in tag team competition, but the controversial Diva has yet to form a lasting partnership. First, she walked out on Emma on the Oct. 6 edition of Raw, and then Layla abandoned AJ during a tag match on the Oct. 13 Raw. After winning the match nonetheless, AJ put Layla in her place for her betrayal.

    With the support of perhaps a new BFF, can Paige topple the Divas Champion once again? Or will AJ make a successful title defense and prove she can do just fine on her own?

    Tag Team Titles Match:
    The Usos vs. Goldust/Stardust(c):
    The Usos have been clamoring to get their hands on WWE Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust once again, and they will finally get their chance this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, LIVE on WWE Network at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

    The interstellar duo’s journey for the “cosmic key” reached its apex at Night of Champions, where they defeated Jimmy & Jey to capture the titles. Since then, the former champions have been hot on Gold & Stardust’s trail. The Usos were one second away from regaining the titles just five days after losing them, until Goldust blasted Jimmy Uso with one of the championships, leaving the official no choice but to disqualify Gold & Stardust. Though The Usos won the rematch, the eccentric champions held on to their titles.

    Watch Night of Champions 2014 on WWE Network

    In recent weeks, the two teams have been clashing in Six-Man Tag Team Matches. Whether teaming with Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler or United States Champion Sheamus, The Usos have walked out with the victory.

    Can Jimmy & Jey Uso translate their Six-Man Tag success into regaining the WWE Tag Team Championship? Or will Gold & Stardust hang on to the titles as their intergalactic expedition continues?

    Intercontinental Title 2-out-of-3 Falls Match:
    Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Cesaro
    The Intercontinental Title has long been considered the “purists’ championship,” and this Sunday at Hell in a Cell, that reputation will be well-earned when champion Dolph Ziggler defends against challenger Cesaro in a traditional 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. The first Superstar to claim two falls will leave Dallas with the Intercontinental Championship.

    Watch Hell in a Cell on WWE Network

    The Swiss Superman, a former U.S. Champion and the winner of the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania, has made no bones about the fact he considers himself the finest in-ring performer in all of WWE. He even defeated Ziggler in non-title action on the Oct. 20 edition of Raw, but fell short when the championship was on the line during a rematch on the Oct. 24 SmackDown.

    This Sunday, however, the winner will have to prevail in not just one, but two falls to be considered the Intercontinental Champion, leaving little doubt as to who truly is the better competitor.

    Which thoroughbred will carry on the Intercontinental Title’s illustrious legacy: the scary-strong Cesaro or unworldly athletic Ziggler? And just what type of ring action can the WWE Universe expect when two of WWE’s premier wrestlers go to war in an endurance-testing 2-out-of-3 Falls Match? Don’t miss what’s sure to be a modern-day classic when Ziggler and Cesaro clash at Hell in a Cell, which airs live this Sunday on WWE Network and pay-per-view at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.​
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  2. Hope for Rusev to squash the Big Show, then he can proceed to a small little program with Cena.. or maybe DA BIG GUY Ryback will be the next one up.
  3. I might sound weird but.... Why they have the same height on the picture... I mean like... For real bro? They could at least show the size difference.
    I like BS but Rusev will win this one cause they want him to be "the next big thing" (see what I did there - BrrrrOCK LLLeesnaRrR) cause he is "the future"
  4. Looks like a decent card.
    Also, isn't D'Z facing Cesaro?
  5. Yeah, they will add D'Z vs Cesaro and AJ Lee vs Paige on either Monday or Friday night, most likely Monday, they will most likely announce the kick off match on Friday, it will probably be Los Matadores and El Torito vs Slater Gator and the Gator.
  6. God I hope not haha!
    I'm hoping Ryback makes his return and just stomps some jobbers in the Kickoff or as a surprise match in the PPV.
  7. On paper this card looks promising, but per-usual it won't be nearly as good as WWE would hope it to be.
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  8. Shit happens I suppose, that seems to be the usual WWE stnandpoint on things, we'll see how they go about it for the rest of the week.
  9. I have to say. Ambrose at times with his promos, particularly his facial expressions and the effort that he puts into looking huge, kind of reminds me of the Nailz character.
  10. I have to say. Ambrose at times with his promos, particularly his facial expressions and the effort that he puts into looking huge, kind of reminds me of the Nailz character. He puts on this snarl when he promos, that sometimes, drool comes out of his mouth while he holds the mic so close to his face you can barely see him talk. I've been getting the impression that he has amalgamated all the characters he would have seen growing up that were outside the norms of what was happening in the wrestling world at the time and is like the bastard offspring of them. Kind of like if Tila Tequila was gangbanged by all of them and they had a sperm that reached her egg, and the fight just carried on inside the embryo for the next 9 months.
  11. Dolph vs Cesaro has yet to be announced but it should be soon... last night on RAW they added..

    2 matches announced (open)
    AJ vs Paige as well as Goldust/Stardust vs The Usos
  12. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella WTF that will be a fun match i would cheer for bre but she isnt with CENA so lets do this NIKKI:no:
  13. Ziggler vs Cesaro announced on Smackdown.. 2 out of 3 falls match.

    All titles are now being defended at this PPV... this should be really good.
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  14. all except the main title but the winner of Cena vs Orton will be a #1 contenders match which IMO equals Randy Orton winning and winning the Title vs Lesnar, as well as Seth cashing in when Randy RKOs Cena and it's gonna equal a fucking RKO to Seth and Seth will lose... Orton as much as I'm not a huge fan will be a fucking face to be reckon with!
  15. Stoked for the Cesaro/Ziggler 2 out of 3 falls match, definitely may compete for Ambrose v. Rollins for MOTN.
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  16. Looks like a pretty good card, really. I'm a bit concerned about them having eight matches, though. With two HIAC matches and a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls match, you'd think they'd limit the number of matches to like six or seven (unless they end up throwing one of 'em on the pre-show, probably the US or Tag Team Championship match), but whatever.

    They released the video below for the Intercontinental Championship match. Good to see they want to treat it like a serious title defense, especially seeing as how it's the most prestigious championship being defended on the show since Brock Lesnar isn't around:

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  17. I suspect the 2 out of 3 falls match will be a 20 minute affair. which would be pointless but promotions always fuck up with this concept.
  18. Having 8 matches on this kind of PPV is a bit concerning, indeed. Especially knowing that the 2 of those will be inside the cell itself and would be fairly long, as well as the Ziggler/Cesaro match.

    Since Mizdow will be hosting the MizdowTV on the pre-show... He might as well call out The Miz and Sheamus, they kinda get in a fight and start the title match right away... Or they could throw in the Tag Team championship match in there, on the pre-show... We'll see, though.

    All I know is that this is a good card and I'm looking forward to HIAC.

    - Sheamus vs Miz should be good, while Mizdow is gonna be hysterical outside the ring...
    - Rollins/Ambrose and Cesaro/Ziggler would be up for Highlight Of The Night for sure.
    - I'm also curious how they'll end Cena vs Orton... And as well as what'll be the REAL main event... Who'll actually close the show (Orton/Cena or Ambrose/Rollins).
  19. The fact that the Mizdow TV segment is on the pre-show is what got me thinking the US Title match might end up being booked there instead. All it would really take is Sheamus coming out to interrupt The Miz and saying something along the lines of "Why wait until later, let's fight now!", and bam, the title match is on early.

    As for Cena vs Orton, I think a good ending would be a duplication of Austin and HHH's 3 Stages Of Hell match from No Way Out 2001, where both men have foreign objects and turn around and end up knocking one another unconscious at the same time, and HHH's body just happens to fall on top of Austin's for the pinfall. Regardless of who picks up the victory here, this would be a logical way of booking it since since whoever's body falls on top of the other's in a scenario like this one is simply a matter of serendipity luck and thus makes both guys look evenly matched. If Orton wins, then he picks up a win over Cena in a matter that still makes Cena look strong. And if Cena wins, it makes Orton look strong since they're in the midst of an Orton face turn and have reasons to want to protect him as much as possible one way or the other.
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  20. #20 Prince Bálor, Oct 25, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2014
    Nailed it 100% there, as always, right on point.

    I could totally see that happening. We'll see, though... Somebody may get involved in that match, I mean any scenario is plausible. Looking forward to seeing how they do that one, as well as Rollins vs Ambrose (which I have a feeling Bray Wyatt is gonna magically appear and cost Ambrose the win).
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