Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell 2015 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Oct 24, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    You know what to do! Click the Hell in a Cell logo above and fill in the form.
    Continuing from last time, you get 1 point for the correct winner and method, and 0.5 points for correct winner but wrong method.

    Good luck!
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  2. Prizes

    1st place: 3 months Legend + 2 weeks custom username color + $1000 forum cash
    2nd place: 1 week custom username color + $500 forum cash
    3rd place: $500 forum cash
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  3. time to do some phil of the future shit and win this contest
  4. Used your username tbh, you need Legend more.
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  5. i hope you're talking to me

    if you are talking to me..

  6. Only other poster was me...
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  7. Time to get 3rd behind 2 legends and still not get the legend. :titus:
  8. either way i'll suck his dick
  9. You ever had legend?
  10. I wonder if she and Crayo ever got hooked up.
  11. i've been a loyal member who brings quality insight i should have permanent legend ya'll niggas wouldn't be shit without me
  12. I've had both, Crayo was all hype really.
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  13. Undertaker and Kane for the wins...

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  14. Yeah, I definitely think either Brock or Taker will win the cell match by count-out or disqualification... Oh wait...
  15. I'd like to say The Undertaker but with Lesnar their hottest act, I can't really see him losing clean. Even if he is facing one of the biggest legends in the business.
  16. Done!

    Thanks for doing this, Soli.
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    Also, Rollins needs to win via pinfall, God dammit! Book it, WWE!

    It's what I went with, but knowing WWE, they'll mess it up/overbook in the worst way they can. :downer:
  18. Judging by the fact that it isn't even the main event, I don't think the WWE title match will last too long. Plus the build for it was putrid. I'm expecting this HIAC to be just as bad as every other, excluding 2009 (Because it lived up to the name).
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