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  2. Nice.. I guess Ambrose is taking the reigns after Reigns' injury.... good luck to him, I hope WWE does the right thing by him.
  3. Reigns' injury may be the best thing to ever happen to Ambrose so far haha
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  4. Let's face it, all in all... Ambrose > Reigns all the way
  5. Maybe so - but you know the company was eyeing Reigns for dat huge push. Now Ambrose is in place to receive it. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  6. While I like Reigns, not as nearly as much as Ambrose and Rollins, though... Roman is nowhere near the caliber that Ambrose or Rollins are.
    Ambrose is a whole lot better than both Reigns and Rollins on the mic, while Rollins is a bit better than Ambrose in the ring and Reigns... Well, he still has the time to develop, but he'll never be better than either Ambrose or Rollins, imo.

    I'm so glad Ambrose and Rollins are/will be in the ME scene, too bad that little juanito Cena had to involve and ruin everything.
  7. Couldn't have found a more perfect guy to be on the cover/ad/promo or whatever you wanna call it for HIAC than Dean Ambrose! I love it!
  8. Reigns will be pushed right back into that position as soon as he returns unless Ambrose's popularity by then just exceeds his too much for them to ignore. I wouldn't get too comfortable just yet, Reigns is still their golden boy.
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  9. But now Ambrose at least has time without the spotlight being on Reigns for a little awhile
  10. Yes.

    in every aspect.
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  11. Reigns is still the top dog...right when he gets back...expect him to be headlining. I love that Ambrose is the main guy for this PPV though as it fits him so well.
  12. i think he will come back at a PPV event