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  1. Here’s the cover photo for WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view with Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Triple H:


    Source: Pwmania
  2. Wow, Daniel Bryan only gets a head shot on the side of the cover. :sad:Way to steal the show HBK.
  3. That actually looks really cool. Attitude Era (OMG111) vibes.
  4. They just spoilt a result on the front cover. However it does look pretty cool.
  5. Nice cover, but it needs Bryan in there come on WWE.
  6. Buried lol
  7. Bryan should be on the front cover lol. A better cover in my view would be keeping the top half the same but having Bryan and Orton also staring each other down in the bottom half, only in the ring instead of through the cell.
  8. It looks like Shawn and Hunter are going to start tongue kissing through the cage.
  9. Wouldn't be the first time I'm sure.
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  10. Gotta find my time machine and get out of 1997

  11. Get in.
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  12. lol I know right?

    I did a video after Shawn's HOF induction that I'll link here. WWE posted this YouTube that I was kind of shocked to see. Vince and Shawn clearly have an intimacy here that hints at that rumored romantic relationship. The video I did is humorous, but I'd like to preface it by saying I'm no homophobe. People can sleep with whomever they want to sleep with, I just find this HBK / Vince thing rather humorous.

    PS the sound gets loopy over the last 30 seconds but it's good otherwise.

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