Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell match-ups/card prediction

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 11, 2016.

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    Alright! You know the drill. Let's try and predict the Hell in a Cell card.

    - Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    - Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the US Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    - Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the RAW Women's Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    - TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    - The New Day vs Cesaro & Sheamus for the RAW Tag Team Championship

    - Enzo & Cass vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

    Bound to happen:
    - Bayley vs Dana Brooke

    - Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman

    - Bo Dallas vs Curtis Axel on the pre-show.
  2. I think you got it buddy:bodallas:
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  3. However, I hope they give Braun Strowman a real opponent I'm ready to see him in action with a real superstar but Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?
  4. I know it's quite early but I'll give it a try, not only predicting the rest of the card but outcomes as well...


    - Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    If we are to assume that the end game is planned to be Seth Rollins vs. Triple H (and that's a very fair assumption), I can't see Seth winning the title here or any time soon for that matter. Granted, he's lost a lot lately and yet another loss would not really help but I'm trying to look at the bigger picture and, per storyline, I don't think it would make much sense for Rollins to grab the belt. If anything, I think HHH may very well make an appearance and perhaps give Owens yet another assist (just like last month on RAW) for him to retain his title. This way, not only does KO stay champion, leading perhaps to what WWE has been teasing with him and Jericho ( might I suggest Survivor Series, in Toronto Canada?) but it furthermore adds to the Rollins/Triple H storyline.

    - Roman Reigns vs Rusev for the US Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    To this day i still think it was a mistake to take the belt off Rusev but since they went ahead with it anyway, I very much doubt Roman would drop it immediately so early prediction: Roman retains. The biggest question, what would be next for Reigns?

    - Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the RAW Women's Championship (Hell in a Cell match)

    Whether you agree with the concept or not, this will be a historic match and though Charlotte has the undefeated streak at PPV's in her favor, Sasha should retain. Besides, if this streak is to come to an end, who better then Sasha anyway? Taking it a step further and since this has to be the blow off, I would really like to see Nya Jax step up as the next one to challenge Sasha; enough with the squashes...

    - TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    Well, we got to have us at least one title change at this PPV, I say let it be Kendrick becoming the new cruiserweight champ...

    - The New Day vs Cesaro & Sheamus for the RAW Tag Team Championship

    Having come this far, you have to figure that the Demolition record will be broken. I've called this back when they were at 200-250 days and this of course has nothing to do with me being some smartass or anything; it was just a matter of simple observation and paying attention to the commentary team. Speaking of, yet another reference to Demolition was made last night so...need I say anything else? Oh, and of course Cesaro and Sheamus constantly being portrayed as impossible to work together will probably make the storytelling that much easier.

    Further matches to be added:

    Enzo & Big Cass vs. Anderson & Gallows

    Given what transpired last night on RAW, this has got to be the direction moving forward. The only problem is, Enzo & Cass haven't been winning lately and on the other hand, Gallows and Anderson are being rebuilt so cutting it short with a loss here would basically erase everything they've been trying to do for the past month. Therefore, if this match actually happens, I'd have it go down as a brawl that leeds to a double countout. Nobody wins, nobody loses, both stay strong and you can keep the feud going...

    Bailey vs. Dana Brook

    It seems inevitable so might as well do it. If it were up to me, I'd do this at the pre show and keep it short and sweet. Oh, and of course Bailey wins. Duh...

    Braun Strowman vs. ???

    I feel the squashing should culminate at the PPV. It's been an ongoing thing for way too long so after a few more jobbers next week and the week after, I'd have Strowman come out sometime during the PPV and demand for some serious competition yet again, only this time a really legit opponent come out to accept. Now, I know if I throw names like Big Show or Mark Henry, I won't be the most popular guy around but given that you want Braun to continue looking dominant, any one of these two big guys are the best options to put him over. Can't really have, say, a Zayn come out and waste him is such a spot, right? Might as well be one of the veteran big guys to do the job...

    Sami Zayn & Neville vs. Bo Dallas & Curis Axel

    Zayn and Neville win beating down on Axel again, just like last night on RAW. Bo Dallas decides "enough of this shit" and moves over to Smackdown to join the Wyatt Family. WWE, please do it....
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    I heard a rumor that it may-be Samoa Joe...who would
    make his main roster debut at Hell in a Cell...

    So yeah...first match of the main card...Strowman comes out to
    the ring and issues an open challenge and...*Cue Joe's Music
    and huge pop* and a great way to open the Pay Per View.
  6. I doubt they'll be calling Samoa Joe up before TakeOver: Toronto.

    Plus, Joey Headrocker is going to SmackDown after he's done in NXT, most likely.
  7. Oh...do you know something I don't?
    In which should see the return of Aussie Lass Emma...or Emmalina...whatever...she's an
    Aussie which means I'm automatically excited about her return...Yay!

    Is she any good? I've never seen her wrestle...
    Don't be so sure my friend...Don't be so sure...
  8. No, it's just a hunch. Plus, SmackDown should start getting some of the better talent from NXT, not everyone should get to go to RAW.
  9. Random thought: If JBL was still on RAW, the way he'd describe all 3 HIAC matches would be: "THIS IS GUN BE ONE HALE OF A FAHT!". :jbl:
  10. IT'S JOHN O'CLOCK!!!
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    It sounds good @Grievous but I doubt it will happen that way because Joe would smash Strowman and I think they wanna keep him a big monster heel so to lose his first real match against Joe "Bad for business"
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  12. The following matches are rumored:

    Enzo & Big Cass vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows
    Bayley vs. Dana Brooke
    Bo Dallas vs. Curtis Axel
    Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

    Not sure why they haven't confirmed any of these yet.
  13. Because it is not the go-home show for HIAC yet. They will most likely confirm it next week on RAW.
  14. Oh duhhh I was thinking the PPV was this weekend not next weekend. Woops! lol
  15. You're THAT excited for HIAC, since you thought it was this weekend, eh? :hhh2:
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  16. :woo:
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  17. Enzo & Cass vs. Gallows & Anderson has just been confirmed...
    These shouldn't be far away...you'd think?
  18. They weren't announced on Raw?
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