Kayfabe Hell In A Cell Opening Segment

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  1. *Robert Blake begins to make his way to the ring surrounded by boos. He has both of his World titles in hand as he enters the ring. Robert calls for a microphone which the announcer quickly grabs for him. Robert Blake waits for a few seconds clearly taking all the negativity in. Robert Blake begins to speak with a big devilish smile on his face*

    Robert Blake: Well....I'm back once again to please all of you worthless fans. Tonight I go one on one with Will Neilson with my championship on the line. I already delivered my fun to Will last week where I broke his poor little hand. Do you all hear little Will crying in pain? That will be nothing to the pain I will deliver tonight. I am 100% ready to break that Mr. Babyface here tonight and show all of you scum why I'm the only Unified World champion in the history of these companies. Did Buster Gates hold both of these titles? No. Did Lukey hold both of these titles? No. Did that jackass Vega hold both of these titles? No. Will Neilson is way over his head in this match and he knows it.

    *Robert Blake begins to taunt the fans as they continue to boo him out of the arena*

    Robert Blake: No one is better than me! Everyone in the back stand behind me while I lead this company to success! I'm the reason why this company is still alive......Buster Gates VS Robert Blake at Summerslam made this company millions. There is a reason why I'm still here and that's the fact all of you still need me! Robert Blake is the face of Precision and you all just need to deal with it. Neilson will never hold the World championship since he isn't good enough. Jordan Bull wasn't good enough last week even though you all thought he could pull it off. I'm epic while everyone else is good at best. But let's get to tha......

    *Robert Blake is cut off by theme music of a familiar Precision superstar*
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  2. Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits and both Robert Blake's and the audience's faces scowls. The music plays for a good 30 seconds before stopping, leading many of the audience to wonder just what in the hell is going on. When the music stops, Robert almost gives off a sigh of relief as it doesn't look like the arena will be blessed with The King's presence and begins to speak again.

    Robert Blake: As I was sayi...

    Just as Robert begins to speak, he is completely blindsided in an all to familiar fashion as the former Iron Man Champion and self proclaimed King Of The World Andersen Vega comes from behind with a baseball bat to the back of the head of Robert Blake, sending the Undisputed World Heavy Weight Champion into unconsciousness and crashing onto the ring canvas. The audience doesn't quite know how to react to this, some cheering and some booing, it really depends on who they hate more. Vega looks down at the fallen champion with a sadistic smirk as he drops his baseball bat. He slowly picks the unconscious Blake, who is noticeably bleeding from the back of his head and places him between Vega's legs (Not in that way... Although Robert may not mind this, ya know, if he was conscious) and methodically hooks his arms. Vega holds that position for a moment and looks directly into the camera with a smile on his face, before delivering a devastating Pedigree to one of the best wrestlers in the world, Robert Blake.

    The Pedigree has almost left the fans in silence as many of them are wondering what exactly this means for the World Heavyweight Championship Main Event later on in the evening, while Andersen Vega gets to his feet and calls for a microphone from the timekeeper's area. The ring announcer slides the mic into the ring and The God Amongst Men picks it up and slowly raises the mic to his mouth.

    Andersen: Hmhmhm... Good luck tonight, Champ.

    And with that short and sweet statement delivered, Vega drops the mic and his music hits. Vega raises his arms in seemingly victory as the last image before the show cuts to it's first of many commercial breaks is Andersen Vega standing over Robert Blake's lifeless and bleeding corpse.

    OOC: (open)
    If you're wondering why it took so long, I've been trying to come up with something to write for a good 2 days and was failing miserably, so I stuck to what I know... A good sneak attack. Hope you liked. At least it's not a heel turn, because I'm already the baddest!
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