Hell in a Cell Hell In A Cell Poster

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Chaz, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Found this on PWMania, so apparently this is the HIAC poster. I have no idea why they would put R-Truth on the poster though :/

  2. Lol, you'd expect the HIAC poster to be something a little bit more extreme than Truth wearing a suit.
  3. Still better than BFG 2013.
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  4. Everybody look above the ring, whats up?!
    Hell in the cell!
    Everybody look! Whats up?!
  5. I mean it's not an awful poster but... Truth pisses me off.
  6. Truth needs that as his gimmick. The psycho guy who wears a suit. Heel Truth ftw.
  7. "Okay guys, who should be on the poster for Hell in a cell?"
    *Mr McMahon barges in*
    "JOHN CENA!"
    "But Mr. McMahon, Cena is out for another couple of months with an injury"
    *Vince catches fire*
    *Michael PS Hayes blows a load whilst yelling RKO at the top of his lunges as Vince yells*
  8. This has to be a fucking joke.....
  9. At least it has Truth, right? Right guys?
  10. Did they play word association and pick the first black-guy that came to mind when they thought about cells?
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  11. I think if they would have put Ezekiel Jackson on the Payback poster it would have been hilarious to see that they give no fucks on who is on the poster.
    Kofi for NoC
    Ezekiel for Battleground
    R-Truth for Hell In A Cell
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