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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Thoughts? :eww:
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  2. I feel like the guy from Deep Purple when he saw that album cover for Black Sabbath
  3. [​IMG]
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    One of the official posters for Hell in a Cell has left a negative vibe with a lot of people. This poster depicts Roman Reigns as the Devil and Braun Strowman as a Demon. To me it I don't like it, but I feel that there are people who are overreacting.

    To me it shows WWE lost their Creativity. But there are some people who go as far as saying that WWE are promoting Satanism and they're are apart of the Illuminati. To me those people are just saying that because they don't have a Heel Roman Reigns. They would hate and want to protest this, but love The Demon King persona.
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  5. As far as the poster is concerned I don't mind it. It IS called hell in a cell after all.

    As for the satanism and illuminati. I gave up on that stuff for the most part years ago. But to deny some form of symbolism within wwe is foolish. Take a look at the ascensions original video entrance. That's just the beginning. It's been going on for decades.

    Its bigger than people who "just want a heel reigns". It's people who don't even watch wrestling (like myself, before I DID start to watch it again lol) and the ascension video is exactly why I stayed again. I forgot wwe was a thing until I came across their video in 2015.
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  6. So Braun is Cthulhu and Roman is the Crowned King of Hell...awesome.
  7. Looks fine to me. People are too sensitive these days. If one believes in God that must be theres a devil. Someone has to play the role.
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  8. Roman is a devil.... and Braun is a demon...Both of which are bad things.
    Just a theory but I think they are letting us know this match will be bad in advance.
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  9. This is a good poster. It is actually something different.

    Every other ppv poster is just the wrestlers facing towards the camera with the ppv's name above them. We are living in age of boring wrestling posters.

    Finally they do something creative.
  10. I really like this concept, but some things like Roman's eyebrows and Braun's tongue could've been better. Overall it's fine
    I mean, to be fair I believe in god but not the devil, but this isn't really the place for that discussion
  11. Wow, two powerful, mythical entities will make their presence felt. I like the poster very much. It reeks of power.
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    That is awful.


  13. So this means Braun ( A demon) is the bitch of Reigns ( Satan)

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  14. The Ascension is nothing more than a modern day rip off of The Road Warriors. Get stupid haircuts and paint your faces doesn't even begin to enter the territory the LOD covered. About ten years ago the WWE tried to replace the LOD with two guys wearing leather and face paint. I forget their names but they came closer to success than the lame Ascension.
  15. Demolition maybe? That was in the late eighties early nineties, but they were straight up rip offs. There was also LoD from 2006 that you may be thinking about, but that was Animal and a new guy since Hawk died. Can't really think of anyone else

    LoD is probably the best tag team of all time, some people think it's because of the gimmick but it was instead because of the aura of the guys, and no matter how long you spend playing dress up you can't copy aura
  16. You are correct Dr. it was Demolition. No matter how much paint and leather those guys wore, they never came close to LOD's ability to just straight beat people up. I remember in the old days there was a tag team called The Mulkey Brothers. They faced LOD I don't know how many times and got their asses handed to them every time. I can only imagine how they felt looking at the roster and seeing they would take on the LOD.
  17. The Steiners were the best at beating the shite out of people in quick fashion.
  18. You absolutely missed the point of my post there man. I used their entrance video as an example of symbolism. Nowhere did I say they were good or anything...
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