Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell Predictions Contest

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Enter here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QuIoF2-4V53b93GMhmKVHvycIt9Ehvu1UM4FFk_GIcQ/viewform

    All questions apart from the last tiebreaker are worth 1 point each for quickness, as I'm not entirely sure how Big Hoss does his and we needed a predictions contest.

    1st place: $750
    2nd place: $500
    3rd place: $250

    If you want to post your responses here also:

    Question 1:
    Question 2:
    Question 3:
    Question 4:
    Question 5:
    Question 6:
    Question 7:
    TB4(2 points):
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  2. I just did mine, are you aware of how to tell people's answers apart?
  3. Yep sorry guys, just realised the enter your username box didn't show.

    Deleted the 3 responses that were there, please re-submit your answers.

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  4. I just finished mine like 5 seconds ago, should I re-submit anyways?
  5. That feeling when everyone enters the same username at the top.
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  6. Nope I got your name.
  7. Sweet.
  8. There was no option for my user name on the form so here are my answers:
  9. Re-submit on the google form, I edited it about 5 minutes ago and I've just submitted mine, it's definitely there now.
  10. Yeah I didn't see the new posts when I posted that, I will do it now.
  11. Just wondering,what happens if more than one person gets everything right? Do both of them get the top prize?
  12. Submitted mine. Hopefully I win.
  13. Well with the tie breakers, the chances are pretty low. If they do though, including the TB's, then yeah they'll both get the top prize.
  14. Question 1: Axel Vs Langston Has Been Cancelled
    Question 2: CM Punk
    Question 3: John Cena
    Question 4: Daniel Bryan
    Question 5: Los Matadores
    Question 6: Cody Rhodes and Goldust
    Question 7: Brie Bella

    TB1: No
    TB2: 3 (If Bryan winning the WWE title counts if not 2)
    TB3: 15 mins 34 secs
    TB4(2 points): Yes
  15. Has that happened before?
  16. I believe it did a few PPVs ago. Might have been joint-2nd. I'm not 100% sure.
  17. Axel Vs. Langston is now Kingston Vs. Sandow.
  18. No one will receive points for that match then.
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  19. What a fucking joke, At least make a match that has some meaning like Ambrose Vs Langston for the title with some authority saying Langston beat a champ and deserves a title match blah blah blah
  20. Submitted.
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