Kayfabe Hell On Earth

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The Game
*5 men in complete black robes are waiting in the ring. The fans have a mix reaction not knowing who they are or what they want. These men begin to get on their knees and open their arms looking at the stage. A video begins to play showing Robert Blake's evil gimmick and some of his memorable matches from the indies. When the video stops the arena goes dark and Robert Blake's theme begins to play*

*Robert Blake finally makes his way down to the ring. The fans continue to have a mix reaction towards Robert Blake. Robert Blake enters the ring and grabs a mic. The 5 men get to their feet and stand tall as Robert Blake begins to speak*

Robert Blake: Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but it doesn't matter. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Robert Blake. I am the original dark religious fighter, I am the Alpha and Omega and only me. Some people are going around quoting the bible and I find this cute.....I want these people to continue quoting verses from the bible because it's my bible! Poor souls in this place want a clean break but I have something to say.....I am no longer giving clean breaks. I wanted to save these people before but now I know that won't work...I can only exterminate them. Over the next few weeks you will have some fan favorites and I will be as hated as I ever was. I understand though....Why wouldn't you hate me when I break your fan favorites? I will break each and everyone of you and I will love it! I will love to see the tears fall from your pathetic no good eyes and my Saviors will feed off your sadness. We are the Saviors and I am Robert Blake.....Hell On Earth has arrived

*Robert Blake and his Saviors leave the ring to end this short introduction*
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