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  1. Hi there names TimmyBuddy, you can call me Tim if you want. I have been on other forums as "Weebo". I ama graphic designer and if anyone ever needs something designed feel free to ask. If you want to see some of my work you can see it here http://weebo322.deviantart.com/ I hope to have some good times here and have some fun. Like I said if anyone ever wants a graphic designed like an avatar, banner for sig, poster, ect.
  2. Welcome to the forum tim! did we speak on twitter?

    I'm sure some people on here would like to have things made for them, hope they aren't too shy to ask.

    So who is your favourite wrestler?
  3. My favorite wrestler is CM Punk
  4. :sad: cm punk is an awesome wrestler

    youll get more welcomes when people come on as everyone is sleeping at the moment!
  5. Yeah I assumed so

    How do I set a signature, or dose this forum not have them?
  6. You need a minimum of four posts before you can set your signature.

    After that, you can configure it on this page or by accessing it through the user control panel.
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  7. Hello, and welcome to the forum Pal, hope you remain active.
  8. Welcome to the forums! Have fun! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  9. Welcome to the forums bud, you have some nice graphics there, good work.
  10. Welcome to the site man. I just checked out your graphics and they're awesome, I'm sure I could abuse that and ask for a sexy Dean Ambrose sig :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    But yeah, hope you stick around man.
  11. Okay well how do You want it to look, what do You want it to say? Do You have a specific pic(s), color(s) and or design You want used. Also do you want the standard 500x200 signature size or a different size?


    Sorry for the double post, but I was also wondering if the forum needed a designer on staff. Like I said before I can make anything y'all would need
  12. I'm probably the worst person at graphics in the world, so those questions scare me.

    I suppose this picture would be awesome. I have no specific colours or design choice. I'd love Crayo to be on it somewhere and I don't mind for sizes :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, we don't have designers mainly because we don't change our design often at all, but if we were to perhaps have new userbars I'd definitely give you a shout if you want :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. Well yeah I was thinking if you guys do special things that need to be announced or what not I could design like a banner of poster or flyer for the announcement
  14. Here you go, if any changes are needed feel free to ask
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  15. He will love that :yay: its awesome
  16. Thanks
  17. Welcome to the forum dude. Glad to have you around. Awesome graphics, by the way.
  18. Amazing sig mate. Repped.
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