Hello all =)

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Mr.Bartlett, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. Hello all, just a quick post to introduce myself =)

    Name is James Bartlett and I'm a 29 year old male from Birmingham, England (Yes I like Tea)

    I stumbled across this site while searching google and thought I'd jump in and join you all

    I was very into my wrestling when I was younger, I can still remember having all my pals round for Wrestlemania and Wrestlemania 17 is still up there for me when it comes to amazing PPV's but my love started to die off after Wrestlemania 20.

    Taker vs. HBK at Wrestlemania 25/26 got my attention again, Punk vs. Cena at Money in the Bank 2011 got me hooked again and I've been in love again ever since.

    Favourite wrestlers from days gone would be Ric Flair, Austin and Undertaker (I guess he's still techincally active? Or is he? I dont know)
    Favourite current wrestlers would be AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and Seth Rollins

    It's very nice to meet you all and I look forward to getting involved and mabye causing a little trouble!
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  2. Welcome fellow tea liker :obama:

    (I am American but I like tea)

    I hope you enjoy it here. We have quite the colorful community.
  3. Brother Bartlett, I knew you'd come...welcome to the forums. Enjoy your time here!
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  4. Welcome to WWEF, m8. Enjoy your stay.
  5. Hello, there!

    You like Tea...and I'm addicted to coffee...

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  6. Welcome Mr.Bartlett...I shall put the kettle on...

    Enjoy your stay...I'm sure you will...
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