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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by MFKR78, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, it's my first post here and thought I'd start with a big one!

    First off I enjoyed Raw this week but I must say I'm not that surprised about the Punk/Miz drop-off in viewers which apparently was enormous.

    Personally I'm a big fan of Punk, but he's been hurt by the way they built him up to be the catalyst for change and the guy against the system...yet now he's just like everyone else and it makes him look weak. I don't buy Punk's promos anymore because he went from that awesome worked shoot to now just being a general guy towing the company line. It doesn't work. Also when you figure that a lot of people probably came back to deliberately tune into Cena/Rock and HBK/Taker then it figures they would become bored by Punk/Miz. Epsecially now Miz means nothing aswell.

    I was watching this and also Impact the other day and I thought to myself something pretty controversial...I wonder if the TV shows would be much better to go back to more squash matches and continue to be promo heavy for the most part. Now in the past I've sat and slagged off Russo for all his 90% promos and 10% wrestling on TV, but when you throw out so many meaningless matches that get about 4 minutes then it's no wonder nobody cares anymore.

    One thing that always bugged me was the way you'd find people having a rematch on TV from a PPV match. What incentive is there to watch or even BUY the PPV when you can see the same match on TV the night after? Or sometimes in the case of TNA even before the PPV! It doesn't work well anymore, and besides that with the sheer amount of WWE programming on TV it makes it very hard work on the writers having to find match after match after match for TV and still build to good matches on PPV aswell. Wouldn't it work better if the majority of matches were saved for PPV on the whole?

    Now you could have the format of a very promo heavy show mixed in with a couple of squash matches, a highlights showcase of a couple of guys and say one main match or something. I think that would work. Then when the monthly PPV rolls around (more than one a month is too many) you're REALLY keen to see the actual big matches where they're given lots of time, you're invested in seeing who wins because the guys haven't already faced off 15 times on TV and they've been built up (hopefully) with squashes and promos on the way in. This would give the writers loads more time to create fresh feuds aswell.

    Now I've surprised myself because I used to be all about the wrestling, but I sit now and find myself enjoying good promos and build-up on TV much more than the wrestling. As long as it's being done right such as the Wrestlemania build now then it's good TV and it makes me want to see the PPV. A lot of the time now I find myself bored by the majority of the throwaway matches on TV because for the most part they mean nothing when they could be saved for something big.

    What are people's thoughts on this?!
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  2. This is true, and welcome!

    Nowadays everyone wants it now now now..... Unfortunately, the promo heavy shows don't do as well, as most are there to see there stars actually work a good match. It should prolly be 50-50 and let the house audience get some good wrestling once the cameras are off
  3. What a great first post, I agree with pretty much all of it.

    Firstly, welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile:. Secondly, Punk has been groomed into a smaller, unrealistic version of John Cena. He can't lose cleanly, can't look weak, can't be edgy on the mic. Isn't that the WHOLE reason why the IWC adores him, the casuals adore him, and why he is a long-reigned WWE champion? No wonder he isn't drawing at all. I'm not even going to start on Miz, they've treated him like horse crap and expect him to gather new viewers?

    Another example is Sheamus. He got over by being the non-smiling Irishman who loves to go out there and kick someone's head off. Now he's getting hated because he's this smiley guy, can't lose cleanly and can not for the love of god look weak in any way.

    We do moan when there's a lack of matches, but it's more annoying when they put on matches no one gives a rats ass about. Why give HHH/HBK and Taker 20 minutes to cut a promo where Shawn reveals he's special guest referee? 18 minutes of the 20 minutes were completely boring, the crowd didn't react AT ALL and it went round in circles. That 18 minutes could have been used for a great tag-team match to revamp the division, with time to spare for their promo.
  4. Completely agree. They really killed the excitement that was surrounding CM Punk in the summer by making him a generic babyface. He isn't as dull as Cena was but he needs to return to how he was in the summer - a guy who didn't give a fuck what WWE wanted him to,(Kayfabe) not a generic face. He needs to get more heelish traits again like he had then, I think the fans would respond better.

    I partly agree with this. I don't really like squash matches that much, but agree they need to get rid of meaningless matches.

    I think it is better when superstars have an incentive to win matches. They should definately do more number 1 contenders matches, so that the outcome of the match is actually relevant. Even if they do things like they did with the elimination chamber, where they have them all compete to see who enters last.

    I don't think Raw should spend any more time on promos though. They spend enough usually, they just need to use it better and progress storylines instead of filling it with pointless crap *Cough Rock Cena Cough* . They should have the same amount of match time, but less matches, cutting out the pointless matches involving jobbers. And the incentive thing as I mentioned.

    Totally agree. We seen this with Punk/Ziggler a few weeks ago. They had an amazing match on Raw that lasted around 20 minutes, great. They face off about 3 more times on TV and then a few weeks later, expect us to pay to see the same match? Huh?

    Great first post though. Liked.
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