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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by ukwwefan2012, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, my name is farid. i live in the uk and am 15. Since 2005 i have been watching mainly wwe, i occaisonally catch tna and read roh results rarely. I would say i am an open minded person and enjoy talking about wrestling and sharing my opinions. I like hearing other people thoughts alot because it broadens my knoweledge on certain things. Personally, i have always preffered smackdown to raw as when i started watching it, they had the likes of taker, batista, finaly, mysterio, jbl and edge after he cashed in. Its unfortunate how smackdown is considered the B show now but hopefully a couple of good draft picks can change that. My favourite current wrestlers go like this. : 1.Christian 2.Wade Barrett 3.Chris Jericho 4.CM Punk 5.Daniel Bryan (for the record, my top 3-5 regularly changes but my top 2 will always be the same). My favourite match is CM Punk vs John Cena, my favourtie PPV is No Way Out 2007 (that was when is was taker/batista vs hbk/cena, i chose this ppv because it was back when i was a kid and that is probably when wrestling is at its best, because when u are a kid there are no spoiler sites so as a kid u get that feeling that annything can happen). My favourtie wrestlers of all time that dont wrestler anny more are : 1.Edge 2.HBK 3.Stone Cold 4.Mick Foley 5.The Rock (kind of a controversial pick but i doubt he will wrestle more matches at wm 29). im sorry if this is too long of a message but i just joined this site today and am relatively new to wrestling forum websites in generall, thank you all very much for your time :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Welcome to the site man, I'm also from the UK, as are quite a few of our members. I love your top 5 wrestlers, I'm a mark for all of them especially Jericho, Christian and Barrett.

    Can I ask how did you find us? Also, you excited for WM tomorrow? :emoji_slight_smile:

    Hope you stick around mate.
  3. Draft picks probably won't change the status of the Show. RAW will be the better show for the fact that SmackDown isn't live. It really sucks too, because SmackDown has a decent Roster, but no one watches it like they used to since it isn't live. Smackdown also used to have the likes of Eddie Guerrero on the show before he passed away.

    Anyways, welcome to WF man, nice to meet you. I'm sure you'll come to find the WF community to be really chill, and helpful to all the members. If you need any help with anything, feel free to drop me a PM, and I'll answer back as soon as I can man. Nice meeting you.
  4. Sup Farid, I know your a brown person. Either way welcome and hope you stay active on the forums!
  5. Racist. lol
  6. Excuse me for my racist pointers, I just tend to do that a lot.
  7. Crayo : thanks for the welcome and kind words man :emoji_slight_smile:, i watched smackdown full on youtube an someone called johnabadie7 wrote about this site in the description,and yeah dude i am extremely exited for wrestlemania, i hope it lives up to the hype seeing as the match card looks brilliant . Not suprisingly, i am most exited for cena vs rock, with punk vs jericho not that far away.
    Eddie Gurrero : cheers for the welcome, appreciate it. and i totally agree with your debate about smackdown, if it doesnt go live then i dont think it can compete with raw. also its really annoying to hear the canned pops as just when i get into a match it reminds me that its all happened before and been editied to give out a different impression to how it sounded live.
    Thewindyfan : no worries bro i am not offended. btw i am actually white and my parents are from morrocco but i was born in england. just a little extra info lol. and on another note, is there another way of replying to you guys but not all in one reply, for example,is there like a reply buttom for a comment, coz i clicked on the quote button but im not sure what it did, sorry if i sound like a noob, but any reply would be helpful. thanks :emoji_grin:
  8. Another UK fan always makes Crayo happy lol. Welcome to the forums. Glad to know that DB is your current favorite wrestler. YES! YES! YES!

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  9. thanks you so much for helping me out man :emoji_slight_smile:, looks like im set. and btw daniel bryan is my number 5 because i went from 1-5, sorry bout the confusion, but i do think he is a fantastic wrestler and on his way to being a sure fire main eventer, hopefully whatever the result of the whc match is this sunday, they find a way of making both d-bryan and sheamus look good.]
  10. Personally I'm dreading Sheamus' reign as WHC - as he's a pretty boring face at the moment, I mean he's smiley smiley which annoys me as they turn every face into the same character. Bryan has been so refreshing as a heel, and quite frankly makes me laugh pretty much every time I see him lol.
  12. No problem but it goes like this.


    As long as you like him, it's good enough. He's not my number one either but I like him.
  13. lol take 2, cheers man. hopefully i get it this time
  14. Haha there you go! :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. lol officially completed training
  16. Welcome to the forum, my dude. Enjoy it! :laugh:
  17. Thanks alot bro, appreciate the friendly response :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I agree. Sheamus' reign would be so boring, wouldn't help SmackDown. Bryan's doing an awesome job so far.

    Anyways back on to the topic on hand: Welcome to WWEForums.
  19. welcome to this site
  20. OMG, Randy welcoming someone? :shock:
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