Hello folks!

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  1. Hello folks! I'm new to WWEForums.net, I'm excited and humled to know that I can be a part of this site. Thanks :-).
    My name is Samir
    I'm 19 years old, from Dallas, TX United States
    My Favourite Superstar is The Undertaker, because he has given us many historic and memorable moments over the years. One of the main reason is the Streak.
    I've been a fan of Wrestling in 13 years now, since 1999.
    Favourite Wrestling Company is WWE
    I found this by a message sent to from Youtube.
    Yes, I will be active here. As much as I can.
  2. I usually never post in the introduction threads but...

    Welcome to WWEForums!
  3. Hey, welcome to the forums. I bet you're pretty excited about Undertaker's return on the last RAW episode. :emoji_grin:
  4. Hey Samir, welcome to the site! Also a big fan of Undertaker here, I love the guy! Glad you'll be active.
  5. Wlecome Samir and welcoming to this forum. . WHere you were from? name samir very familiar to me :emoji_slight_smile::emoji_slight_smile:
    HOping see you round very much and happy daysd to you
  6. Welcome to WF, glad you can be apart of the WF community!