Hello, Hello and F*[email protected] you!

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by burnsmyassradio, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. HA HA got your attention!

    We are a radio show that loves to complain about what makes us angry and we love to drink and we like wrestling!

    So yeah Hi!
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  2. Well I, like many others on here like to drink, complain, watch wrestling and complain about wrestling, so you should fit in pretty well here :otunga:

  3. Welcome and a hearty FU right back at ya! :happy:
  4. Welcome to the forums dude, quite sure you'll fit in here.
  5. WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :angry:
    NOW :gtfo: :mad:



  6. Drinking, swearing and wrestling awesome!
  7. That is how my first dates usually go, until the [email protected] gives me a cheap shot with a chair!
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  8. Hey man, tell us more about your radio show. I'm interested myself in creating perhaps a weekly podcast here to discuss the ongoings in the professional wrestling world, but I'm not exactly sure which route I'll go to get it started.

    Hope you stick around.
  9. Welcome :otunga:

    Feel free to FCUK SIHT UP !

  10. Well there's your problem. They should be making you sandwiches not headaches :pity1:

    Welcome to the forum, you seem badass already :woo1:
  11. What would you like to know? We would be glad to help out!


    There is the problem I was busy eating the [email protected] sandwich when she whacked me! The foreplay was great!
  12. Welcome :finger:
    I'm sure you will have a great time here :finger: :finger:
  13. :finger: you bro and welcome to the site.
  14. Welcome to the forum buddy
  15. Welcome to the site man, you'll fit in perfectly.
  16. I also second this, welcome to the forums
  17. Welcome to the forums.
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