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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hello!
    I only recently started watching WWE but i know whats goin on at the minute
    My favourites are Ziggler, Miz and of course D-Bry :yes:
    I think Alex Riley and Tyson Kidd need to be pushed immediately!
    I viewed this forum for a while and decided it was time to sign up so i will probably post regularly
    Oh and also Otunga is an absolute beast :otunga:
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  2. Welcome to the site Matam! I can tell you're going to be loved here, you've pretty much picked the superstars we all markymark for (some hate on me for marking over Miz though). @[Rainman] is going to love your Tyson love and @[Big Hoss Rambler] will love the Otunga love :boss1:

    How did you find the site? Hope you stick around buddy :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. A mark for Ziggler, Miz, Bryan, Riley, Tyson, and Otunga?

    Yeah, you'll fit in perfectly over here. Welcome to the forum!
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  4. Found it by chance really i was just searching for WWE forums and stumbled upon this one and liked the look of it!
    I hope people do love me, its been a while :alone:
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  5. Welcome Mattam. We got the same favorite wrestlers. :gusta:

    Otunga is absolutely a boss. :otunga:
  6. He sure is but WWE logic says why dont we constantly squash everyone who deserves a push the most! He should be US champ by now
  7. He even uses the WWE logic trend we created! #wwelogic

  8. Ha, like i said i've been viewing the forum for a while!
  9. Ikr. Tired of seeing him get squashed by Cena and Sheamus. Don't know why they're pushing Santino...:facepalm1:
  10. Im ashamed to say it but i was once a sheamus mark. He can be good in the ring but why does he have to be a superface when he should be a tweener!?
  11. Exactly! Most of us liked the guy as a heel, honestly he seemed very comfortable and likable as a face at first.

    If he wasn't booked to shit, Sheamus could be a likable guy. But as he is, it's just intolerable.
  12. Same here when he first came on RAW as heel. Now, I can't stand him, annoys me.:annoyed:
  13. Yep, tbh i dont even know why i watch WWE i mean it is really good but i just watch every week getting more and more annoyed with what is happening i mean cmon Big Show vs Cena! Why isnt Bryan vs Punk vs Kane main event?! WWE are just killing off all the belts!
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  14. Welcome here, man!

    Enjoy your stay and I hope to see you around.

    Any gif sigs needed? PM me, I'm your man. :obama:
  15. None atm but thanks anyway. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome im looking forward to posting here often!
  16. Welcome to the forums and I like you already by your unique taste in wrestlers :machoman: I know you'll enjoy your time here dude.
  17. We all feel the same. Punk barely main events and he's the WWE champion..:facepalm1: That triple threat match should've been the main event.. It's always Cena and his opponents that get the main event now..
    Last week's RAW had like 5 Big Show segments. This week's RAW had 2 or 3 Big Show recaps and Cena opening/closing the show whilst embarrassing Cole. :upset:

    Hopefully something big happens next week with Vince returning.
  18. Welcome bro! :boss:
  19. I know its stupid, but yeah hope they dont make me excited for nothing with this whole major announcement thing! I was certain that those revolution trailers were ambrose. Fool me once...
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