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  1. Name: Chris
    Age: 20
    Favourite Superstar & Why: I have a couple in all honesty.

    First of all would be Triple H. I grew up during a period where the attitude era saw Wrestling at its pinnacle, sadly I was around 8 or 9 in 2000 when for me the company was thriving and at its absolute best. At that time however, despite my general lack of in depth wrestling and my struggle to see events live (2am start in the UK) I was always drawn in by the game. I've always been a 'heel' kind of fan. Heels just bring something different to the plate and IMO they give the best out of ring promo's and scenes in any wrestling show.

    I absolutely adored the Mc-mahon Helmsley era, how they dominated Smackdown and Raw everyweek and how they'd tag the faces of the show along - (The Rock, Mick Foley, Stone Cold etc). I also find that I really enjot HHH's move set as well. Always been a fan of big wrestlers, 6ft4+, 250lbs+ are always a good mold for me. Still to this day (along with a lot of fans) believe that opening 6 or so months to 2000 was not only the best of the game, but was the best of 'heel' performances in the pro wresting business all together.

    Secondly and strangely for me a face. Shawn Michaels. How can you not love the guy? When has this man ever, ever in his life put a bad match on? There literally is not one. Not only that, but his attire, his attitude and his match entrace (before he started getting on his knees). He kind of reminds me of a modern day Ziggler, bit of a pretty boy, show off with all the charisma and in-ring ability that could be possibly needed to make things successful. Really gutted that he has said he'l never step in the ring again after retiring as he really is one of the very best ever. It's no coincidence that my favourite 2 wrestlers have had some of their best matches with each other.

    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: I've been a wrestling fan since I can remember. I first started watching as a very, very young lad in around 1999-2000. I have vague memories of being absolutely fixated and obssessed with catching highlights of Raw and Smackdown be it via Livewire or heat etc. I ended up having a bit of an accident as a youngster, breaking my next door neighbours arm whilst having a bedroom wrestling match and being at the age where mommy's orders still counted (late 2001) got completely banned from all forms of watching, playing and talking about wrestling. As ive grown up ive spent a lot of time looking over every raw and smackdown from 1999. Ive seen every single PPV and have a good idea of all the storylines and so on.

    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWF by a long stretch of the imagination. Never really had a lot of exposure to any other company, bar TNA in more recent times (that being the last few months, not enough time to grasp much of a concept of times gone by within the company).

    How did you find the site?: I found it simply by googling 'wrestling forums'. I've been looking for a forum in the past few months, that isn't full of idiots, isn't full of skids and isn't too big. I've checked out a couple of forums that have 200,000+ members and its just too hard to either keep up with threads and members or make a name for yourself. The forum obviously needs to be active enough to keep interest, it seems ive found myself the perfect sized forum here.

    Will I be active here: Aslong as you want me to be yes. I do still have a passion for wrestling, even if my passion for the current WWE product is constantly draining ever more away.

    I'll be interesting and add a few more questions.

    Favourite Match?: Triple H v Shawn Michaels (Summerslam 2002).
    Favourite Pay-Per-View: Wrestlemania X7.
    Best Year of wrestling: 2000/2001
    Favourite Title: World Heavyweight Championship
    Favourite Team: The Dudley Boys
    Least Favourite Team: Any of the modern era
    Most Over-rated superstars: John Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan.
    Most Under-Rated Talent: Test.

    Anymore, feel free to PM me.
    Excited to be here!
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  2. Welcome to the forum! Like how your favorite is HHH, convinces me of actually liking him :lol1: but your an awesome poster so you will love our community here! Everyone you will meet here are very awesome and we have discussion threads for live shows like RAW, Impact, and PPVs so be sure to take part in them! If you need any help to get started on here, You can PM me!
  3. I said it on your status, as well, but welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :emoji_slight_smile: Sounds like you found the type of place you were looking for, and I hope you'll continue to feel that way and remain as an active user. Always glad to have more posters in the live discussion threads!
  4. Welcome to the forum site!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definetely do my best to keep around the place.
  6. Favourite PPV: WM-17

    Also, greatest match is HHH/HBK?
    Surely Taker/HBK at Mania 25 is 100x better? That match gives me chills.
  7. Well, welcome to the site, I can tell you're going to be very HQ, but answer one question, what is your opinion on Alex Riley?
  8. It's personal preference though isn't it. As much as the WM matches are great, they are one off's and you kind of expect them to be very good. With the Summerslam 2002 PPV's there was questions over whether Michaels could come back and perform to the standard he used to, could Triple H put a match on with someone he'd formally been friends with etc. Then they went an absolutely blew the roof off for 35 minutes straight. That and the fact they are my number 1 and 2 performers kind of helped.

    Edit - Coleminer, thanks for the warm welcome. Alex Riley has one of my favourite theme tunes in WWE currently, but seems to have fallen off the radar since a pretty good first fued with The Miz last year.
  9. agree completely, Riley is one of my faveourite talents currently and I think it's ridiculous that he cannot find a clean win from anywhere, I mean jobbing to Jinder? :facepalm1:
  10. Welcome to the site man, already discussed wrestling with you a couple of times and I can tell you will be a very HQ member. This introduction was a great read. HHH in 2000 was gold, he is one of the greatest heels of all time (despite my hate for the guy backstage) and it's the type of character this modern WWE needs. I personally think Wade Barrett fits that mold PERFECTLY.

    I always love it when users find us through Google, that search engine serves us incredibly well :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Anyway, welcome :boss1:
  11. What do you think about Punk @[Saddlerrad]?
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  12. When I first come across a user and find that they've already got more rep than posts they're gonna turn out to be really HQ! Thoroughly enjoyed that introduction and I hope you stay active, welcome Chris :win:
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  13. I like Punk, I like him quite a lot. I do think over the last few months of his reign that he has become gradually slightly more boring, certainly the most interesting part of him and this whole saga since last summer was infact, the initial match at MITB 2011 where he won the title and threatened to steal it. I dont think he's now doing a bad job or doing anything differently, I think the novelty of every storyline has to drop off at some point and it just so happens that this has been recently with CM Punk.


    By the way - thanks guys. I didnt really have chance to read the above posts, I navigated here straight from the PM zone. Thanks for the warm reception anyway, its always nice to be received well into a forum. Hoping I stick around for a long time. Thanks again.
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  14. Hello, and welcome to the forum Chris. I'm also a Triple H fan (Hence the Username). It will be good to see you around the forum.
  15. Like your opinion. I'm a big Punk mark as well as our other chicago forumers on here (only 3 of us) and also grammarnazi so yeah.
  16. Hey, Welcome to WWEF.
    If you need any help, do not fear because I am here to help.
  17. Again thanks for the rest of the messages. Another Triple H fan! Another great member.

  18. :obama: Pretty good choice in choosing Triple H, the Helmsey-McMahon era was something that I caught pretty entertaining and it was awesome become of how they ran the show like a dictatorship. Triple H's move set is pretty good, I do think he is a great wrestler indeed, size and weight though are not something I really look for. Pretty good seeing a fan though who's watched WWE/F for a while. :otunga:

    Shawn Michaels is one of the best entertainers of all time, I enjoy watching him wrestle since he is a great seller and was able to put people over, I enjoyed his last match, thought it was a good way to send him off, since it was a wrestlemania match against the Undertaker.

    That's cool that you like WWE, this is a WWE Forum, so you'll fit perfectly here, if you ever want to get into other wrestling companies though, whether it's Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, or even NJPW, there are a few members you can ask around for them, I only watch Impact Wrestling and a little bit of Ring of Honor, so it'd be better if you ask someone else about that stuff. :sad:

    Same way I found this site, Google seems to lead people a lot to this website, so it's good. I completely understand and know where you're coming from when it comes to forums, I've been part of forums where it's active every second and it's impossible to keep up with threads. Also it's almost impossible to get known on those kind of forums, it's overwhelming for me. This place is very active, not that active though that you can't keep up with threads and people won't know who you are though, I'm sure I've seen every active poster here everyday and know what to expect from them. And :lol: depends what you mean by idiots, we have our random moments, but we aren't stupid when it comes to wrestling.

    It's good you'll be active, and I wanted to make this as good of welcome as I can make it since I see you worked hard as fuck on your post. Welcome to WWEForums, enjoy your time here, and remember if you need anything, Farooq is here to help. DAMN!
  19. First epic first post very insightful. Second can't really argue with what Farooq said as that sums things up perfectly it's a great site with a lot of friendly people and we have fun and some good discussions etc.

    So welcome on board hope to see u around!
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  20. Very nice opening post, also it's always nice to know there's another HHH fan around. I can tell you'll be a quality member of the forums, welcome and enjoy your stay.
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