Hello to all the newbies from MP.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Cloud, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. Alright lads and ladies. Making this thread to say hi to you all as a unit. So many of u are signing up that I can't keep up if I've said hello or not. So from me and everyone here I hope this mini invasion continues its great to see so many new faces and I hope to see u all around the forums. Take care welcome on board and I hope u enjoy ur time here as much as the rest of us do. Peace.
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  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, Cloud. It's great to be here and I relish the opportunity to be part of this fantastic forum.
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  3. Did MP crumble or something?

    Not that I mind a sexy invasion, just wondering what's up with the massive immigrants.
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  4. WWEF has become the Internet version of Toronto. We accept anyone from anywhere.
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  5. Hey thanks Cloud, I hope our two units can live in peace.
  6. Welcome to them all. Pretty much welcomed them all anyway cause I am so nice.
  7. I was attempting too but I was losing track of who I'd said hello to and who I hadn't so I just created a thread to say hi to them all. Was easier for me and I don't like if possible to not welcome the new members.
  8. With Xenforo it shows your avatar on the left of the topics you have replied to. Should be a good way to know.
  9. Hadn't noticed that one lad cheers for the tip!
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  10. No problem at all. I am a webmaster freak so know a lot anyway :dawg:
  11. LOL I'm useless at all this internet stuff tbh.
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  12. We were supposed to merge with you, but that won't happen now, so a lot of us just signed up over here
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  13. Good to see you all despite the cancellation of the merge.
  14. Welcome to WWEF, hope you all enjoy your time here.
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    Crayo they're taking our jobs! :angry:
  15. :gtfo:
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    jk, do me
  16. Well thanks man. We're easy get along with,well,most of us.
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